Obama Is Hollowing Out Our Military



No posting from the Sentinel yesterday. We were all hunkered down in bunkers waiting for the Obama Sequester-ggeddon. We had our water and flashlights on the ready.

We are, after all, facing an $88 billion dollar cut to the increase in spending in our three trillion dollar budget but since it will only affect half the year, the cuts are half. This is Obama chump change. The problem comes in when one considers that half the cuts come from defense.

If we can’t cut 2.4% to the INCREASE in spending, we are hopeless and will eventually go bankrupt.

All those teachers, who are not hired by the federal government, were not fired. The day cares are still up and running. The firemen, who are also not hired by the federal government, continue to work. The federal employees, including the janitors, are still employed as Obama knew they would be when he claimed otherwise in his Friday speech.

The one concern that is legitimate and devastating are the continued cuts to our military.

To date, Obama has cut 14 times what the Sequester cuts and all of a sudden he is concerned? That strains credulity.

Defense cuts continue while Obama continues to cut our nuclear armaments. The START Treaty which demands no cuts from the Russians, is only aimed at using them as an excuse to disarm the United States. He plans another treaty with the Russians to bring the destruction of nuclear armaments to 30% with an end goal of 80%. He also wants to look next at destroying small armaments. These are not weapons we can afford to create again. Once they are gone, they are gone.

President Obama refuses to set up defense shields – he is resetting a our relationship with Russia now that he has “more flexibility.”

Half of the Sequester cuts will come from defense. It’s part of Obama’s plan for whatever reason I cannot say. He does appear to have some dreamy-eyed vision of a nuclear-free world. The money he is taking from defense goes to his social welfare programs which make citizens and illegals dependent on the government for their basic needs.

At the same time, in our very dangerous world, we are forcing our pilots to fly in planes older than they are. Our navy has begun its decline. Our national security is in jeopardy because he began dismantling our military in 2007.

Gates cut $550 billion from defense and they were levied another $487 billion. Sequester will cut another $44 billion. Harry Reid could pass a bill to address this but he refuses to do so. He has not passed a budget in 1404 days, something which has never happened in the history of our nation – it is against the law.

How is he getting away with this? Where is the press?

Obama prepared to cut 80,000 of our troops before Sequestration. The navy will only meet 50% of their Co-Com requirements and in 2007 they met 90% of them. In just eight years, the Chinese, who are not our friends, will outnumber us in submarines in the Pacific 78 to 32, and that is before Sequestration even kicks in.

A former General and a Congressman have a very important message that everyone should hear. We are becoming a defenseless nation in a world of enemies and someone needs to start paying attention: