Obama Is Nationalizing Local Police Departments Via Ferguson


The DOJ report painting the entire Ferguson police force as racist has restarted the Ferguson “protests” as they were dying out. The protests/riots will fan the flames, provide cover, and help the administration in their efforts to fundamentally transform our criminal justice system, starting with local police departments.

Barack Obama has embarked on an ideological march from Selma to some form of Socialism and the Ferguson police department are the ammunition.

Barack Obama has uprooted our healthcare system, has control of banks, is transforming the military, and the criminal justice system is on the agenda.

In order to understand why Barack Obama has a penchant for big government and a desire to nationalize every pillar of society, one has to remember where he came from.

The United States, in his mind, is a bully, both in domestic and in foreign affairs. His view was born of a hard left upbringing with his formative years spent among foreigners – Muslim foreigners.

Barack Obama was raised by a family committed to the hard left ideology and he was mentored by a radical Communist who was also a self-confessed pedophile.

His closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was the granddaughter of a close associate of Obama’s mentor – Franklin Marshall Davis – the radical Communist.

When Obama attended college, he hung out with the Chicanos and Marxist professors. His college career included studies of Cloward and Piven and Saul Alinsky.

His preacher of twenty years is a Marxist who ended many sermons with the phrase, God damn America!”

When Obama launched his political career, he did it from the living room of Communist and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and his equally radical wife Bernadine Dohrn who was once the FBI’s most wanted.

Obama’s presidency began with the endless apology tour, which some like to pretend was something other what than it was. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

He rules without benefit of the Constitution or Congress unless they can be useful to him. His words are often the opposite of what he is actually perpetrating.

His presidency goes from one crisis to another, from one distraction to a bigger distraction, helped along by a corrupt and compliant media. It keeps people from focusing on the transformation.

Everything the shell-shocked Republicans do is littered with land mines placed in front of them by the administration and their hapless idiots.

For instance, Republicans posted a letter to Iran on Sen. Tom Cotton’s website. It was signed by 47 senators. Democrats, the media and the Iranian Mullahs criticized it harshly, making it into a crisis – another land mine for Republicans.

Secretary of State John Kerry admitted at yesterday’s congressional hearing that the administration is not going for a treaty with Iran – they’re going for an agreement. This revelation was made almost immediately after the letter became a cause célèbre.

You might ask what value an agreement has but the answer is that its greatest value is that it’s booby trapped.

Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Zarif gave it away yesterday when he said that any president who attempts to overturn the executive order will create an “international incident”.

Republicans who fight it will be accused of starting an “international incident.”

Zarif has declared “victory” in the nuke talks and is busy assisting the administration in vilifying the 47 senators who signed the letter.

They have “come out the winner”, Zarif crowed. He is aware of the obvious that no matter how it all turns out, Obama has given them status they never could have attained without him.

Obama, for his part, will be able to say he resolved the crisis with Iran as he pushes the problem into the future.

Barack Obama is incapable of bringing people together. He’s divisive.

The groups rioting include radical anarchists and communists funded by George Soros, a funder and ally of Barack Obama’s.

Ferguson is another booby trap. Criticism of the riots aka protests could get one labeled a racist.

The revolution was dying out but Obama won’t let that happen. He will keep it up to reach his dream of nationalizing local police.

Eric Holder has launched the attack:

Obama plans to keep this going and will dismantle Ferguson unless they do every single thing he says. It will serve as the model for other fearful police departments throughout the country.


It doesn’t matter that the entire revolution was built on a lie. It doesn’t matter that the people actually being hurt are often criminals, their families, and police officers. It doesn’t matter that black on black crime is incomparably more serious. None of that matters to the Holder DOJ.

Even if the entire Ferguson police force is legitimately racist, there is no need to transform the entire system.

There’s some question about the Ferguson report in any case. The three people involved in the horrendous racist emails have resigned and one was fired. The seemingly excessive numbers of tickets given to black people on which most of the racist claims were made are less than the state average. There is reason to believe the DOJ report was politically driven.

As Barack Obama said in Selma this past Sunday, things are better for blacks but the March must continue. It’s really all about the March to his transformed America.

It must be 1965 for Barack Obama because that is how he will reach his destination. It’s for readers to decide what that destination will be.