Obama Is Successfully Dividing the Catholic Church

Sister Camille D’Arienzo

Obama and his “Catholic” ally, Kathleen Sebelius, have successfully divided the Catholic Church over Obamacare and there is no sign they will ease up on their assaults.

If the Obama administration can destroy the Catholic Church unity on matters of faith and doctrine, he can proceed with his war on religious freedom unhampered, enshrining the supremacy of government over the first amendment right to freedom of religion.

Liberal nuns who make up a large number of the Leadership Council of Religious Women, are openly disobeying the Pope and violating church doctrine by following their own rules. Liberal media outlets such as the NY Times gleefully post their stories though the Bishops and their Fortnight of Freedom are experiencing a media blackout.

To be fair, all these nuns, have been very charitable and are dedicated to God, but not necessarily as followers of the Pope’s doctrines.

The Vatican is pulling the plug, or trying to, by appointing an American bishop to oversee “reforms” of the LCWR structure.  The liberal side blames the American bishops, claiming that this is their revenge for the LCWR supposedly supporting the Obama healthcare program; and for their disrespect of the bishops’ authority.  The conservative side is clamoring for the LCWR to be dissolved, and their member congregations be brought to heel.

NY Times…Last month (April 18 2012), the Vatican said it was time to overhaul an organization that represented about 80 percent of religious women in the United States. An investigation had found “serious doctrinal problems which affect many in Consecrated Life.” It acknowledged that the sisters showed great vigor on matters of social justice, but said they were “silent” on the right to life from conception to natural death, and did not promote church teaching on sexuality and family life.

The investigative technique outlined in the Vatican report seemed to lean heavily on reading speeches and documents, finding occasional fault with what was said, but more serious problems with what wasn’t. To read the report here in New York is to feel that somewhere along the alleys and switchbacks of power in Rome, the actuality of life as lived by religious women in much of the United States was lost. The pews in the churches may be empty, but they have turned the lowest places into cathedrals.

“No bishop or anyone told them what to do (referring to the nuns who help the needy),” said Sister Camille D’Arienzo, a leader among religious women and an author. “It’s the conscience element. The gospel call. The solidarity among ourselves. It can’t be shattered. We’ve been around too long.”…Read more at the NY Times article of May 1, 2012.

National Catholic Reporter – Sister Camille D’Arienzo –

The liberal sisters and some bishops reporting on National Catholic online are calling the Council of Bishops under Cardinal Timothy Dolan, bullies.

The sisters were extremely unhappy with a highly critical “doctrinal assessment” of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents 80 percent of more than 50,000 of our U.S. Catholic sisters, accusing them of focusing too much time on the poor and not enough on abortions and gay marriage

The Vatican appointed the Bishops to rein in the errant nuns and they are fighting back. They are more social justice, pro-liberals than they are Catholic and, as Sr.D’Arienzo said, they’ve been around a long time doing what they want and that is not going to change because of the “bullies.”