Obama Is the Choice of the Bull Moose Party


Yesterday, in a campaign speech, President Obama revealed himself to be the Progressive face of the Democratic Party. No more hiding behind the false image of middle-of-the-road politician.

In his speech, Obama invoked the Theodore Roosevelt who briefly made himself an object of scorn in 1912, with his failed run for the Presidency as a third party Progressive candidate.

Obama embraced the new nationalism of Theodore Roosevelt. The core of this philosophy has been chanted by the occupier movement. The contrived occupations and the union We Are One rallies were all in preparation for Obama’s campaign strategy, which is the class warfare called for by Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

Theodore Roosevelt was an exceptional man and a remarkable President, who lived in a time when the working man needed a strong advocate and powerful ally and he was that  man. He worked hard for fairness in the work place.

TR ‘s one mistake was his run for President as leader of the Bull Moose Party he created. His platform gave the appearance of extremism. It became a haunting legacy at the end of his life.

TR was a shoot-from-the-hip leader who parted ways with the Republicans when he became frustrated with the conservative, William Howard Taft, in 1912. Roosevelt became especially irate when Taft used the Sherman Anti-Trust to break up U.S. Steel. Even though Roosevelt had been known for breaking up monopolies, he declared U.S. Steel a good trust.

TR formed his Progressive Party, the Bull Moose Party, in response. He had been shot shortly before in an assassination attempt and said the bull moose represented him well because he was “fit as a bull moose.”

In 1919, shortly before his death he was preparing for a run at the Presidency as a Republican with a more moderate stance than he had in 1912.

Certainly, there were many good ideas in TR’s platform, but the bad included a condescending big government mentality, class warfare, and redistribution of wealth with federal taxes, an inheritance tax, welfare, universal healthcare, and other entitlements.

Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism” demanded a big government regulate industry and corporations in an effort to protect the working classes. TR wanted to fundamentally change the Constitution with a “direct democracy,” including a “direct vote,” which exposes citizens to tyranny of the masses.

It was a paternalistic philosophy as opposed to freedom and respect for the individual.

Roosevelt’s new nationalism, which is a centerpiece of Obama’s platform, called for the nationalization of every aspect of society – political, economic, and civil.

TR, speaking as a collectivist, said, “We should permit [fortunes] to be gained only so long as the gaining represents benefit to the community.” It is government in charge of everything with the devaluation of the individual to membership in the collective, for the common good.