Barack Hussein Kardashian’s Future Advisors as Celebrity-in-Chief


As Obama jumps frenetically from celebrity fundraiser to celebrity fundraiser while the economy continues to crash and burn, one has to wonder how he fits his “kill-list” into his schedule.

It’s reminds me of X-Box. [Did he give his peace prize back yet?]

Obama hunts and kills via remote control – so much better than waterboarding. Targets are spared any torture such as having to listen to Sesame Street as we drop drones on their heads.

I wonder if people like Jon Bovi helped him with it while he flew on Air Force One to do the $40,000 a plate fundraiser [That’s one expensive dinner for those of us scraping by, which is most of us apparently].

BK (Barack Kardashian) has five fundraisers in California today with no recognition of D-Day.

As a President, he is an excellent celebrity. If I were voting for sexy singer, I’d have to go for him. President – not so much.