Obama Laughs and Lies About Benghazi During O’Reilly Interview



The bodies of the heroes of Benghazi are carried out by honor guards at Andrews Air Force Base, 2012

Mr. Obama lied during a ten-minute interview with Bill O’Reilly Sunday. One of his most offensive lies concerned Benghazi. It is unfortunate that Bill O’Reilly didn’t have more time with Barack Obama because the interview revealed a lot about who Barack Obama is as a person and as a leader.

Clearly annoyed by the questioning, Mr. Obama revealed few facts and spewed many lies. His snide and mocking laughter over Benghazi was most shocking, but it is what we should have expected. In the past, Mr. Obama has said Benghazi was a “phony” scandal and that the people in Benghazi were “bumps in the road.”

The video below begins with a series of clips about Benghazi and towards the end there is a clip from Mr. Obama’s interview Sunday in which he laughingly mocked any suggestion that he would mis-portray the Benghazi terror attack for political expediency or even that the White House knew it was literally a terror attack.

Go to 02:59:

Watch the entire interview on this link.  Mr. Obama, who gives one to two hour speeches only gave O’Reilly ten minutes.