Obama Legalizes Guatemalan Women, Keeps Border Open for Smugglers


who are these illegals

Barack Obama is eroding our immigration laws by keeping our borders wide open, refusing to deal with inadequate Border Patrol staffing and border fencing, and by his writing of new rules inviting illegals here, all of which go largely unnoticed by the media.


The U.S. government just settled an illegal immigration lawsuit brought by the ACLU and it will legalize hundreds of thousands who have already been been deported or who have self-deported.

They recently gave all Guatemalan women – and their children – asylum if the mother claims to be victims of domestic abuse.

A Daily Caller article of August 21st informs us that the DOJ opened this new asylum gate for Guatemalans.

The Department of Justice’s board of immigration appeals has decided to let Guatemalan women win asylum in the United States if they claim to be victims of “domestic violence”

The decision creates a huge new incentive for Guatemalan women to cross the U.S. border, because if their asylum claim is accepted, “their children get U.S. citizenship, plus the use of federal health, education and retirement programs, regardless of their initial education and work skills,” the Daily Caller reported.

“The new decision also means that many of the Guatemalan women who have already crossed the border this year have a new claim for asylum,” the article continued.

The board’s decision likely will accelerate the rapid growth in asylum awards to foreigners “

Prior invitations such as the DREAM Act have done exactly that.

The president’s executive branch is writing legislation.

The race across the border is clearly being spurred on by Barack Obama to fundamentally transform us.


Brooks County, for one, is an area suffering a daily onslaught of illegals and criminal elements.

Check out the following incidents map in the Rio Grande Valley. There are more incidents not yet detailed on the map.

Incident map


  • Yellow flags are human smuggling and any incident that could not be confirmed as ‘46′ (drug smuggling) 
  • The red diamond on US-281 (just south of Barrosa) marks the location of the Border Patrol Checkpoint

Human and Drug smugglers attempting to evade the US-281 checkpoint is why Brooks County is experiencing the high volume of smuggling traffic in the surrounding ranch lands.

GPS coordinates are issued by surveillance aircraft or agents on the ground for fewer than 10 percent of all recorded enforcement incidents by secure border intel’s estimations. Apprehensions may or may not have occurred.

A significant number of illegal aliens are later classified as “Got-Away” by agents on the ground.

In all incidents shown on the map 100% of the groups were attempting to evade apprehension. 100%!!! They weren’t running to agents for help.

KRGV has been following the crisis in Brooks County. An article they posted, Brooks County Want a United Front Against Illegal Immigration, is an eye-opener. Illegal aliens are still pouring across. The reported drop is simply not true.

Brooks County (Texas) area residents and ranchers become the daily victims of the Federal Government’s failure to secure the border.

The un-encrypted radio traffic compiled by secure borders intel comprises less than 30% of the total activity for any given time period so reports are extremely conservative from what’s actually going on.

It corroborates the pleas for help by area residents and ranchers who have to deal with this daily criminal onslaught of illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

The following condensed audio tape includes incidents referring to “Family Units”, “Un-accompanied children”, juveniles,  & females: CLICK AUDIO LINK

You can listen to more of their audio at SECUREBORDERINTEL.ORG

Camera footage was checked from the last two months in a busy drug smuggling area in Arivaca, AZ, a part of the border with no fencing for dozens of miles.

A group of at least 10 packers and one scout appeared to empty their makeshift burlap backpacks in front of our camera likely to load into a waiting vehicle just beyond visual range. After some apparent confusion running back down the trail with the unpacked cellophane wrapped bales, they moved the load into position and were gone.

The goal of getting this large gap of border fenced has just begun.

Border Patrol has pursued Muslims crossing our borders illegally and this should be of particular concern given the al Qaeda and ISIS threats. CLICK HERE, LISTEN AT THE END

The next 7 minutes of condensed border audio from McAllen, Texas was taped on August 24th covers a 24-hour period. There were 65 groups of 516 illegals: CLICK AUDIO LINK HERE

That’s only one tape from one location.

There were many groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group and/or exact location could not be determined and this traffic comprises less than 30% of the total activity for any given time period.

Significantly, most of the activity occurred in remote areas at considerable distances north of the border.

Illegal alien Chinese, among many other than Mexican groups, have been found crossing our borders: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY 

Hundreds were pursued in one day alone: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY

Our Border Patrol have been attacked by gangs: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY

Listen to this shocking audio from the border: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY 

How does Mr. Obama handle all this? He tightens restrictions on Border Patrol: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY

Border Patrol Union Vice President Moran told Breitbart Texas two days ago that the problems are created by the government’s failure to fully staff the Border Patrol with the total number of agents authorized by law.

In Texas, there are only an average of seven agents assigned per mile of border, and in other border states, the number rises slightly to 14 to 17 agents per mile, but the actual number of agents in the field at any time are less than a third of those figures, due to three separate work shifts, plus sick and vacation time.

The NBPC (National Border Patrol Council) views the understaffing issue as so important, and so serious an impediment to border security, that they are supporting a bill, The Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act, currently being considered in Congress that could result in pay cuts for some agents.

Watch Shawn Moran in this July 8th video: