Obama Loving the Whole Legislating From the Oval Office Thingy



The Executive Branch of our government is assuming unprecedented power as the Legislative Branch sits by. Both parties should be concerned about the Executive Branch legislating from the Oval Office.

The Foundry has a good summary int heir article, Five Ways Obama Is Circumventing the Legislative Branch.

1. The EPA – cap and trade didn’t pass Congress so the President oversaw the EPA classifying CO2 as a pollutant and passed the Clean Air Act.

2. Labor Law – employee free choice didn’t pass so the NLRB is passing sweeping regulations to facilitate forced unionization.

3. Immigration – amnesty hasn’t passed so here comes the DREAM Act to force amnesty under the guise of allowing illegals students to attend college with eligibility for taxpayer-funded grants.

4. Selective Enforcement of Federal Law – the DOJ decides to not enforce marijuana law, Defense of Marriage, immigration and so on.

5. Regulating the Internet – the FCC is taking over the Interenet.

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