Obama Meets With Gangsta Rapper Advisors to Plan Out Prison Reform


As part of his Brother’s Keeper program, Barack Obama met with music “stars” of the gangsta type including Rappers Busta Rhymes, Common, J. Cole, Wale, Ludacris, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and Janelle Monae among others. It’s not only about this program, he’s seeking their advice on criminal justice reform.

Obama advisor, Kendrick Lamar
Obama advisor, Kendrick Lamar

“Many of these artists have lent their voices and platforms to promoting these issues,” a White House official said. “Through their own nonprofit work or artistic commitment, many of these artists have found ways to engage on the issues of criminal justice reform and empowering disadvantaged young people across the country.”

Obama advisor Ludacris

It’s the second time in recent months Obama has invited rap stars to the White House for a private meetingthe hill reported. Last fall, the president met with Kendrick Lamar in the Oval Office.

The My Brother’s Keeper program is a good one and is encouraging young black youth to get an education, college degree and job training. However, in his effort to reach these kids, the president is enlisting people who are part of the problem. It’s also offensive that they are the ones deciding what our prison reform will look like.

Check out the lyrics from a Talib Kweli song. Kweli was one of the attendees. This is from his song, “bangers”.

Live from the flames of Baltimore
What you call this you don’t call it war?
Tanks in my hood—no aquarium
No thanks, Nat Guard, ain’t scared of em
Buzz cuts in Humvees, hunt me, bluntly
Cuz I be the color of blunt leaves
Leavin streets redder than monthly’s
Black life, we on that month-to-month lease
So we burn this bitch
Wake up, shoot a scene like I’m Ernest Dick
My jawn, caked up, she done earned this dick
Stakes up, memoirs of an earnest kid
Unforgettable, super un-fukwitable
MK insurance, acclaim critical
No assurance even with insane visuals
Hype when they indict, slave residuals (Ha!)
And I get paid in miracles…

Then there is Busta Rhymes. Check out his song, Rhymes Galore.

This is for the motherfuckers out there on some real hiphop shit.

Ya’ll, ya’ll, ya’ll
Mayday mayday, mayday mayday
Walk bared foot all day like kunta kinte
So what you say
What is you doin you walkin this way
I burn you like I’m smokin a jalis with helta censa
I be design fashion like Marvin Kanhan
Yes I keep it slamin shit just be bangin just like a loose canon, blow
You better park, niggas are spark, niggas like sharp
niggas a stay up ripen shit a part, niggas float over water like Noa’s ark
niggas cover your face and don’t get caught up in the scene when nigga dark…

Let’s not forget Ludacris and his song, “Get the Fuck Back.”

“Get The Fuck Back”

What the fuck’s up!
DTP in this mother fucker
And for all ya’ll that don’t like it
Do one thing, get the fuck back
‘Cause all my niggas iz ready
Luda, 20, Fate, Shawna
Let’s show these mutha fuckers how we disturb the peace
Get the fuck back, bitch
[shooting and screaming in the background]

There’s more but you get the idea. These are the people Obama relies on to help him plan his criminal justice reform. They are his advisors!