Obama Missed Nancy Reagan’s Funeral But Made an Important Pit Stop at Torchy’s Tacos


Obama at festival

Do you ever get the impression that Obama likes to send the message to conservatives that he dislikes them intensely?

Barack Obama couldn’t attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral because he wanted to go to the South by Southwest festival in Austin, felt the need to stop at Torchy’s, and he had to tell people that technology can spread ‘dangerous messages’.

The White House sent out an email about the importance of the visit which stated that “he’s going to make the case for people ‘from all walks of life, working inside or outside of government, to help us make ‘this democracy even stronger.'”

You notice he always says ‘democracy’, he will never say ‘Republic’ because a ‘Republic’ isn’t socialist.

The email also said Obama wants to find ways “to build a more user-centered government”. If it wasn’t Obama saying that you might not be concerned but in his globalist, big government hands, it’s frightening.

All this couldn’t wait? It’s nothing but a propaganda trip.


He wants to use technology to build up government. No one ever said government doesn’t have a useful purpose but one of Obama’s favorite ways to obfuscate truth is to slightly alter the words. People who oppose him want limited government but he wants a big socialist government so he pretends his opponents are anti-government.

His opponents are anti-socialist government.

He claimed that without government there wouldn’t have been weather forecasts and he might believe that. He’s that crazy.