Obama Moving from Destruction of GM to Destruction of All Auto Companies With His Radical Standards


Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has criticized the standards as regulatory overreach. Campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul called the rules “extreme” and said any savings consumers get from lower fuel costs “will be wiped out by having to pay thousands of dollars more upfront for unproven technology that they may not even want.”

House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) said Tuesday the new regulations would “hurt American consumers by forcing them to drive more expensive and less safe automobiles.” [WSJ]

President Obama recently said that what he did for GM, he hopes to do for all industries. He has begun by passing a new rule and he is doing it unilaterally. He does not need congressional approval and claims he has the cooperation of 13 auto makers. What about the approval of the American people?

Obama just slipped in a new rule (he just loves his rules) and it will require all new cars and trucks per fleet sold in the U.S. to double fuel economy within 13 years. Car and truck fuel economy must reach 54.5 mg by 2025 from last year’s 28.6. Obama’s ultimate goal is the destruction of the fossil fuel industry.

Obama forced GM to make the little electric car no one wants. The Volt just closed down production for a month at least – again – and they’re planning to make the little things in China. With Obama closing down all the coal plants, one has to wonder how electric cars are supposed to get the energy.

The batteries for electric cars are not ready for market, they are costly, they are dangerous, and they just plain don’t cut it. We taxpayers are stuck subsidizing the things and they STILL don’t sell.

So why is Obama doing this? Oh, of course, he wants us peons out of our cars. The clean earth is in his sights and while most developing countries are going to emit like crazy, we will become the underdeveloped nation of decline. It’s part of the plan.

What he did for GM, he now wants to do for all car companies. The only way these companies can possibly meet these standards is by introducing cars no one wants. The technology to produce natural gas and electric cars will cost us. Right now the estimate is at least $3000 per car to start so if you need a new car, buy it now.

Cars will be unaffordable for the middle class and that is his goal. If he gets another four years, he’ll probably have another one of his cash for clunker initiatives so we won’t even have a used car to buy.

Obama claims it will save on fuel costs but if you can’t afford the car, how does that help, if it’s even true.

Obama slipped this one in a couple days ago while we were all paying attention to the RNC. He claims it’s historic. When he’s not doing something historic, he’s creating a “crisis.” He wants all fossil fuels gone and his feigned interest in natural gas interest will be as fleeting as his interest in nuclear power. He is trying to end fraking so natural gas can become more expensive.

We have a solar farm out here on Long Island at Brookhaven National Labs which costs 42 cents a kilowatt hour with subsidies.

We will never know what it cost to build because that cost is clouded by rate prices and taxes (taxes posing as grants, credits and rebates). One DOE grant alone was for $38 million. These grants and credits are merely accounting gimmicks meant to send out the false message that this is “free” money.

The plant did not develop anything in the way of “green” jobs. All it requires is maintenance. Maybe 10 people work there. It will roughly cost $298 million to maintain in today’s dollars over the next two decades (TODAY’S MONEY!). For all this, we get a 32meg plant that powers 4500 homes – that may be one village.

A typical gas powered plant supplies 250 – 400 megs but the “smart” people aren’t going there.

Long Island pays about 21 cents a kilowatt hour. The solar plant isn’t going to do a thing for us but make electricity unaffordable for the middle class.

This is how all energy will go if this radical president is allowed to continue on this path of destruction.

Mitt Romney said that he is opposed to these standards which will drive up the price of new cars and he has said that any savings at the pump will be wiped out by the cost of cars.

Supposedly this “historic” Obama deal is the result of negotiations by our Chicago thug President with 13 auto makers. He probably threatened them with annihilation.

Think of the costs of everything that come to us via a fuel-powered vehicle! Think about it! These rules are insane and unnecessary. Is this the way to get better better gas mileage? Absolutely not! Obama claims it will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. All he has done has increased our dependence on foreign oil. What about keystone? What about cleaner forms of fossil fuels? Obama is too radical to even consider it.

He is a radical. He knows people don’t want the cars that he is forcing on them and he does not care.

The new rule will force small, lightweight cars on us, making us highly vulnerable to increased deaths on the road. We are going to have devices for everything, even to the the point of shutting off engines at stop lights (very dangerous). The more devices, the more cost, and the more that can break.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be in charge, giving yet another government agency untold power over us.

This radical, extreme President Obama must go or the United States as we know it will end.

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