Obama Must Release GITMO Prisoners to Bring Taliban to Negotiations – Update



Photo of Obama in a dunce cap


Update: 6/20/13: The PR for this cowardly move is not going well so Mr. Obama and his minions are now claiming the exchange of five Taliban prisoners will be made to get ONE US citizen back. It will still bring the Taliban to the negotiating table which the Afghan government wants no part of. Last I heard, it was not our government or our country and if the Afghan government doesn’t want to do it, we shouldn’t do i.


Update: 6/19/13: Afghanistan wants nothing to do with talks between the United States and the Taliban. It is their country, we need to cancel these talks immediately.

Obama must release five Taliban commanders from GITMO to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. This is according to Taliban officials. It sounds like an Obama deal. It is a political win for Obama because he wants to close GITMO and end the Afghanistan War at any cost.

We shouldn’t even be negotiating with them and elevating their status.

We are in essence selling out the people of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the very people we saved them from in the first place.

Obama said the Afghanistan War was the “good war.”  Hillary Clinton said it was the war we should have fought from the start given the abuses inflicted by the Taliban on their own people, especially on women and children. Now, after sacrificing the lives of 3336 soldiers and countless Afghanis – after all that – we are negotiating with the “good” Taliban who killed them.

The “good war” was never sincerely fought by Democrats. As one liberal blogger admitted, and which Ace of Spades discussed at length, the war was a political ruse to establish their street creds. Democrats wanted to look “tough.”

What is being touted as a key milestone meeting in Qatar is yet one more foolhardy foreign policy move by this administration. US officials meet with the Taliban officials to discuss future negotiations. Qatar is an appropriate choice since they sponsor terrorism throughout the world.

An anonymous (of course everyone in the transparent administration is anonymous) US representative said:

“This is a key milestone on the way to the complete transition of responsibility for security to Afghans by the end of next year.”

The Taliban are the ones committing the atrocities we allegedly wanted to save the Afghan people from. They are the ones who did and still are beheading little children and subjugating women.

The Taliban won’t negotiate seriously until we release five Taliban commanders from GITMO!!! The GITMO prisoners are the worst of the worst.

We are the ones who have to make concessions, not them!

For our part, we are demanding that they promise to be good. They have to promise to break ties with al Qaeda, stop the violence, and accept the Afghan Constitution which protects women and children. They will give us their most sincere pinky swear.

Never mind that Sharia’h Law allows adherents to tell any lie to any infidel.

Obama wants to end the Afghanistan War and close GITMO at any cost. He could also be stupid enough to trust them. If he is that stupid, I have a bridge to sell him.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said our focus is on defeating al Qaeda.

Our administration is morphing reality and trying to divert peoples’ attention from the truth. They are making it about al Qaeda as if the Taliban were different somehow.

The Taliban is al Qaeda!!!

The Obama administration cares nothing about our safety or the well-being of the people we went to save in Afghanistan – nothing

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