Obama Opens A New Chapter With Cuba By Himself With No Help From Castro


Barack Obama’s weekly address focused on his trip to Cuba. In case you are wondering why he is going there after promising he wouldn’t until they showed some good will, he explained that it will bring the communists around and “it’ll be fun”.

Obama is going to Cuba to begin “a new chapter” by engaging the country in a way a president hasn’t been able to do in nearly 90 years. He and Mrs. Obama will be going there to share American values and find common ground with the Communist government.

That shouldn’t be hard for him. His American values and political background should align very nicely but the majority of the country don’t share those values and have nothing in common with the communists.

Obama believes contact will bring Cuba into the free world though that hasn’t worked anywhere in the world.

“You see, I believe that the best way to advance American interests and values, and the best way to help the Cuban people improve their lives, is through engagement,” he said, “by normalizing relations between our governments and increasing the contacts between our peoples. I’ve always said that change won’t come to Cuba overnight. But as Cuba opens up, it will mean more opportunity and resources for ordinary Cubans. And we’re starting to see some progress.”

Flying a US flag over the embassy and increasing travel and commerce will give our citizens a “chance to travel and work together and know each other.”

He said it will be an opportunity to “move forward”.

Unfortunately, Cuba isn’t moving “forward” with him.

The Washington Post editorial board is not happy with Barack Obama for breaking his promise. He said he would travel to Cuba “if, in fact, I with confidence can say that we’re seeing some progress in the liberty and freedom and possibilities of ordinary Cubans.”  Last week the White House admitted there has been no such progress, but, the Post bemoaned, Mr. Obama is going anyway: “It’ll be fun,” Mr. Obama said.

What fun. Perhaps he could go visit the hovels the Castros have their people living in.

As the Post editorial board wrote, Cuba knows Obama is so intent on making this part of his legacy that they don’t have to do a thing and they don’t.

Visitors and businesses are sending billions to Cuba and this is helping violent communist leaders abuse their people. Great job Obama!

To quote the Post, Dissidents say Raúl Castro is methodically using the fresh resources to fortify the communist regime for the long term.

It’s unfortunate that Barack Obama thinks showing weakness and engaging with communist leaders is the way to help enslaved, brainwashed peoples.

Eighty percent of Cubans work for the state and are paid $20 a month. The government provides free housing, healthcare, and education but none of it is great. The government gives 15 days of food a month. Goods are very costly. About 5% of the people own cars.

Food is organic but their agriculture industry is a mess. Farms can’t exceed 40 acres and no one can afford a tractor. Farmers have to sell 90% of their products to the central government.

Buildings are old and they’re falling apart. A gallon of paint costs a month’s wages.

Racism was abolished by law in 1959. Yay!

If you want to know what this deal actually means, go to Newgeography and read the article about Havana written by Scott Beyer who is traveling the nation to write a book about revitalizing U.S. cities. U.S. cities have been the hardest hit by one-party Democrat party rule.

In fact, he calls Havana a Latin American Detroit. The city is old but there is nothing quaint left in it. The once-great city has no vestiges of its prosperity after 50 years of Communism. Even in Detroit, there is much that is still good and some charm still remains, not so in any area of Cuba.

What Castro has done to Cuba is pure evil. He has degraded his people and destroyed their culture as well as having devastated the beauty of the city.

Everything is old and there is nothing being produced so nothing is repaired. Blight is everywhere from the city to the outer reaches of the slums. Foundations of buildings are crumbling, windows are broken, patches are made of knotted wood, metal scraps, and thatching. One resident described a home in Cuba as a Brazilian favela.

Mr. Beyer takes readers inside one of these homes. The apartment is 150 sq. ft. with a horizontal floorboard halfway up that creates a very precarious second floor. “There was no hot water, either for cooking or showering. In fact, the shower did not even work, meaning that the family instead took scrub baths. Because the toilet didn’t flush, they had to pour water into it each time after use to accelerate the draining,” Mr. Beyer writes.

Three people live in this squalor. It took the family a year to save up $150 to get a handyman to repair the roof.

The public spaces are filled with trash, overgrown weeds, and broken objects. Streets when paved are full of potholes. There are basketball poles without nets and pools without water.

Arenas all leak and to look for any preservation would be “buffoonish” as Mr. Beyer said.

Since Obama began his reconciliation with Cuba, the dissidents have complained of more arrests and harsher treatment.

What fun.

Public Pool
Typical Small Flat

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