Obama Opens Discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood


I wonder if Mayor Koch is still on the Obama Express, given that Obama has now told the Muslim Brotherhood to hop on.

Why is Obama sending diplomats to open discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood, the head of the snake?

Since Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo, in which he encouraged rebellion, he has told the interim Egyptian government to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is now empowering them through diplomatic discussions being held behind closed doors. Read here: Human Events

The Brotherhood is father to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and numerous other terrorist groups and they remain intricately linked as their spiritual guide. The Brotherhood allegedly renounced violence, but they did not renounce their violent offshoots. The Brotherhood doesn’t need to be violent. They can easily front the terrorist groups, pretend they are nonviolent, and let the other groups do their dirty work, as they mesmerize naive fools and sympathizers, who lead their countries down the Brotherhood’s garden path.

The fear of any reasonable American is giving legitimacy to this terrorist leadership entity known as the Brotherhood,  and our President is doing just that. While Obama empowers those who would isolate Israel, he tells Israel they must start peace talks because they are becoming more and more isolated. Who is aiding and abetting their isolation?

Maybe Koch should have waited for another train. Read here: Obama empowering the Brotherhood.