Obama Plans Leaner, Meaner Military as Terrorism Threats Grow


As China builds up its military and as terrorism expands throughout the world, our president is cutting our military forces. He bragged about it in New Jersey yesterday.

The Pakistanis just suffered a horrendous Taliban attack on a school in which 120 died, most of them children. Australia suffered a smaller terrorist attack similar to several we have had on our own soil and that type of threat is growing. ISIS is maiming, murdering and raping their way into the largest caliphate of modern times.

Dianne Feinstein and her rat pack in the Senate just released a report that shows the world – and the terrorists – that the United States will betray those who fight for their country.

This is the moment Barack Obama chose to say he was cutting the military and ending the fighting in Afghanistan.

Speaking in New Jersey yesterday, he claimed that we will have a leaner, meaner military. The ‘meaner’ part is a joke. He won’t even allow the use of any enhanced interrogation techniques. There are no interrogations. We ask them nicely and go home when they refuse.

The rise of ISIS is due in no small part to Obama’s disastrous pulling out of Iraq without leaving a residual force.

Having no presence in that part of the world has made the world far more dangerous. It has forced the United States back into Iraq though we hear nothing about it. Obama is fighting a secret war and providing no one, not even Congress, with information.

We are now supposed to trust him as he collapses our military.