Obama Plans to Destroy U.S. Military Activities In Space




The USA will soon be the banana republic of space thanks to the Obama administration.

Obama is reducing our space program to a memory, destroying our arsenal of weapons, planning to cut our military forces to what some military feel are dangerous levels, but that is not enough for him. Now Obama is launching a space arms-control initiative – an EU code of conduct for space that will be mandatory. Since when is a code of conduct mandatory?

This code will lead to restrictions on U.S. military activities in space, a key U.S. strategic war-fighting advantage. It’s basically an Al Gore approach to space.

Obama has failed at all negotiations he has conducted with leaders throughout the world and adding failures in outer space will give him a Guinness Book of Records level of failures.

Aside from us, who is likely to abide by this code?

Washington Times: …“The United States has decided to enter into formal consultations and negotiations with the European Union and other spacefaring nations to develop an International Code of Conduct,” said an administration official familiar with the announcement.

The contract will be binding instead of a guideline, which is unheard of. The Pentagon Joint Chiefs who saw a draft said U.S. adherence to the code’s provisions would hurt the U.S. military’s space operations in several areas.

The initiative will seek to outline international norms for non-threatening behavior in space; to increase transparency among nations that use space; and to reduce the hazards of debris, such as more than 10,000 pieces of space junk left by China’s 2007 anti-satellite missile test that are orbiting Earth….

A 2008 draft of the EU space code calls for the signing states to “refrain from any intentional action which will or might bring about, directly or indirectly, the damage or destruction of outer space objects, unless such action is conducted to reduce the creation of outer space debris and/or justified by imperative safety considerations.”