Let’s Not Forget Obama’s Pledge of Funds to Palestine



Funds for Palestine is one of those items that will be on Mr. Obama’s agenda after his “last election” when he has “more flexibility.” He is trying to give $450 million to Egypt’s Morsi after Morsi’s horrific behavior in Cairo. After the election, Obama will release the money despite the hold by Congress. Palestine and Pakistan will also be bought off.

In May of this year, Hillary Clinton released $147 million in Palestinian aid despite a hold on the money by Congress.

A Congresseional Research Report and The National Journal confirmed that the funds will be released. We have given them $3 billion in five years to date.

In 2010, Al Jazeera announced that President Obama will be giving $400 million in aid to Palestine – the West Bank and Gaza to be specific. That would be the people who lob bombs into Israel whenever they have the opportunity.

The humorous part of this is many Palestinians don’t want it and see it as blackmail (of course it is). Others demand a lot more. D.C. pledged $900 million in 2009.

via Al Jazeera

The US president has said his nation will provide a $400m aid package for the Palestinians, as he called the situation in the Gaza Strip “unsustainable”.

Barack Obama made his pledge on Wednesday after meeting Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, at the White House.

He said the money would go to both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Abbas’ visit to Washington comes amid an international backlash against Israel after its forces boarded a Turkish aid ship bound for the Gaza Strip on May 31, killing nine activists.

Obama said the incident was a “tragedy”, but repeated the line of his administration that it was too early to rush to judgement, saying “it’s important that we get all the facts”.

Obama also said he believed “significant progress” was possible in the Middle East peace process this year, and vowed the “full weight” of US involvement..

Significant progress??? What, did we save money on embassy demolition plans?

After Obama’s “last election,” the $900 million and more will likely go to the Palestines who continually seek war with their neighbor Israel. The thugs in the Arab world could easily find land with Israel for the Palestines if they wanted to end this war. They don’t because they use the Palestinians as pawns.