Obama Prepares for Surrender to Iran


Obama resets Iran relationship

Obama resets our relationship with Iran by surrendering

John Kerry and the six major powers are working on a deal with Iran to temporarily freeze at least some of Iran’s nuclear activities with the possibility of some transparency on the part of Iran. Iran is insisting that they be allowed to enrich uranium and maintain the option to develop nuclear weapons.

In exchange, the US would lift sanctions.

In reality, the US has been lifting sanctions for months without anything in exchange.

That is typical Obama. When Obama reset relations with Russia, he gave up the missile shield in Eastern Europe, but he asked for and got nothing from Russia in return. When he recently returned five terrorist Taliban to Afghanistan, he didn’t ask for the return of the one US soldier being held captive. Obama left Iraq without a status of forces agreement. The list goes on. Mr. Obama does not negotiate with our enemies, he surrenders.

An investigation by The Daily Beast released today found that the US has been secretly lifting sanctions on Iran for the past five months.

Basically, Mr. Obama is no longer blacklisting as a means of sanctioning Iran. The US Treasury has stopped blacklisting entities and people that help Iran evade international sanctions. This started as soon as Hassan Rouhani was elected President. Rouhani is the man who wouldn’t even shake hands with Obama.

Mr. Obama has also refused to level new legislative sanctions offered by both parties in Congress.

Netanyahu is unhappy with the negotiations and the deal being worked out. He said, ‘They wanted relief of sanctions after years of grueling sanctions, they got that. They paid nothing because they are not reducing in any way their nuclear enrichment capability. So Iran got the deal of the century and the international community got a bad deal.’

Netanyahu sees Iran with a nuclear weapon as an existential threat. He has vowed to attack Iran unilaterally if he believes they have no choice.

Senator Corker is considering legislation to block Obama from lifting sanctions from Iran. Obama is considering unfreezing billions of dollars in Iranian assets.

Senator Corker said, ‘We’ve crafted an amendment to freeze the administration in and make it so they are unable to reduce the sanctions unless certain things occur. They have the ability now to waive sanctions. But we’re very concerned that in their desire to make any deal that they may in fact do something that is very bad for our country.’

The White House says that we all need to operate in unity on this issue to strike a good deal with Iran.

Mr. Obama has tremendous leeway when it comes to lifting sanctions. Under the umbrella of the national security waiver, he can soften or lift the sanctions on Iran at any time. Congress would have nothing to say about it.

We may have to look to France for Israel’s salvation. They said they will not accept a ‘sucker deal.’

“The security concerns of Israel and all the countries of the region have to be taken into account,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.

France has traditionally taken a tougher tact with Iran. Among the sticking points for Paris, Fabius said that France wanted Iran to stop operations at its Arak reactor during the negotiations and said there were questions about Iran’s stock of uranium enriched to 20 percent.

That would be more in line with Netanyahu’s goals.

Saudi Arabia has begun negotiations with Pakistan to obtain nuclear weapons. They feel abandoned by the United States and they need us to protect them militarily.

If Iran gets the bomb, one of the first things we will witness is the region will explode in a nuclear armaments race.

For now there is no deal and talks will continue into next week. Originally it was reported there could be a deal this past Friday.

PM Bibi Netanyahu addresses our Administration: