Obama, President CYA

Obama bin Golfin'

A new book by Seal Team Six, entitled “SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden” by former SEAL Chuck Pfarrer was excerpted in London’s Sunday Times and summarized in The Daily Mail.

Obama was on the golf course twenty minutes prior to the Seal Team invasion to provide him cover if the mission failed. This is the real story – Obama’s plan to deceive and his lack of appropriate engagement, especially since he claims to be the most transparent President, is repugnant.

Other interesting facts: Bin Laden was referred to as Bert as in the Muppet, not just Geronimo. When the Seals burst into bin Laden’s room, his wife screamed it was not him. They would have captured him if he surrendered and they were not on a “kill” mission. Osama had a gun next to him when the SEALS entered. Four shots were fired, one missed, one grazed his wife, one hit Osama in the chest and the other in the head.

The Seals spoke out because they were angry as being portrayed as going out on a “kill” mission.