Obama Propaganda Campaign Continues on the Taxpayer Dime



The president and the media are inundating us with propaganda and we the taxpayer are funding it.

President Obama has relaunched his campaign, not that it ever stopped.

I received 15 campaign emails today from the Barack Obama campaign and the White House.

One from Jim Messina sent me to the my.barackobama.com/Gun-Reform site. President Obama’s anti-gun crusade is a serious one.

Another email came from Michelle Obama herself. That one sent me to Organizing for America. Did you know it is the biggest grassroots campaign ever? No? Me neither. They claim it is but it is nothing more than a political campaign from the left. There is nothing grassroots about it.

The White House sent me one which invited me to “Join the National Day of Service” on January 19th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King to celebrate his legacy. We are supposed to believe the president and vice president really love giving up their weekends to serve others.

I am getting endless emails from various states inviting me to the National Day of Service in their town. I have no idea how I ever got on their mailing lists.

The propaganda just keeps coming.