Obama Propaganda Chant Banned in Houston

Professor Obama Teaching Alinsky Propaganda Back In The Day

The following chant was sent by one teacher to her kindergarten class in Houston to celebrate the most notable (or notorious for some) black (President Obama) during Black History Month.

The teacher gave the children this propaganda poem of nonsense which they were told they HAD to memorize.

This happened at Tipps Elementary and it became publicized after an outraged parent called  (KTRH – Houston) to let people know what was going on.

The school officials have pulled the poem. (Read more: WTAM)

The problem here is that the teacher doesn’t seem to know the difference between giving children information and requiring them to memorize propaganda.

Another problem is partisanship is being taught in our schools with methods like these in lieu of real instruction where children are given the facts and seek the truth.

Parents have to keep on top of these things just as this one parent did.

The poem…

The memo that was sent home read in part, “Attached is a chant about President Barack Obama. All Kindergarteners will be required to learn the chant for the Black History program.”

Parent Joseph Beaver tells KTRH News he doesn’t believe the poem provides any educational value to students.

“You’re not learning anything from it,” he says.  “I can’t sit there and say in 20 years I’m going to need to know his favorite baseball team was this.  That’s just useless information.”

Sylvester Brown at Houston’s Black Heritage Society believes the whole thing is being taken out of context and the  poem was chosen because it is Black History Month and Obama is our first black President.

Memo Sent Home by School


Beaver still disagrees.

“The ‘cherry tree,’ that teaches morals about trying to tell the truth,” he says.  “This poem didn’t teach anything.  As a public school system you need to educate people, not teach them little chants and stuff.”

Beaver first voiced his concerns to radio host Joe Pagliarulo on KTRH sister station KPRC.  And Gayle Fallon, president of Houston’s teachers union says he was right to do so.

“Just like you couldn’t put something out advocating a specific religion, you can’t with politics either,” she says.

The teacher sent the poem home without getting administrative approval and the teachers’ union will not comment.

Assistant Superintendent Kelli Durham issued KTRH News a statement saying:

“There has been a misunderstanding circulating about kindergarten teachers requiring students to recite a chant at Tipps. This resulted when a teacher inadvertently attached a note, intended for other teachers, to a parent communication that was sent home. A teacher reading the note would understand the inference: only kindergarten students whose parents wanted them to participate were “required” to learn a chant.

However, the chant selected by the kindergarten team of teachers was sent home prior to receiving principal approval. Seeking approval is a school practice for school programs and events. After the principal reviewed the poem, along with the selections that would be performed by students at other grade levels, she selected another activity recognizing President Obama –kindergarten’s historical figure to recognize.

Last week, the count for participants was less than 150 students compared to school wide enrollment of more than 1,000 students, and of those 25 were kindergarten students.”