Obama Pushes Sneaker Company to Change the Redskins Name and to Limit Free Speech



Barack Obama is now pushing a sneaker company to push his crazy agenda. He is especially interested in bullying the Washington Redskins into changing their name. He spoke at the White House Tribal Nations Conference and blasted the use of Indian-themed sports mascots.

It’s about much more than just changing names for PC’s sake. He’s limiting our free speech and wants Americans to constantly monitor what they say. We too could be as paranoid as he is.

He praised Adidas for allegedly offering to work with sports teams to come up with new mascots.

“I really want to give them a lot of credit for taking that step,” Obama said.

Adidas announced the campaign in coordination with its participation in the White House Tribal Nations Conference.

President Obama called on Adidas specifically to work with the Washington Redskins to change their name.

“I don’t know if Adidas made the same offer to a certain NFL team here in Washington, but they might want to think about that as well.”

Does anyone believe he doesn’t know?

The president warned that students who enter school with an Indian-themed mascot will immediately feel “set apart and different.” And schools that don’t address these issues are “failing.”

This man is insane.

“In terms of eliminating racism or stereotypes,” he said, “that’s an obligation of the entire society, but it’s especially important in the school. And so my hope and expectation would be that anybody in authority in a school is being very clear that they — first day the kids walk in as to what is acceptable and what’s not in terms of how they are interacting with each other, how they are respecting each other, how they are respecting different cultures.”

Obama wants PC and he wants to limit their free speech.

This is just not what we stand for he might say. What he stands for is releasing criminals onto our streets, building up extraordinary debt, and making absurd deals with terror-sponsoring nations.

Using an Indian name is not racism or a stereotype except to the humorless and depressing leftists. People are proud to stand up for teams with Indian names.

Obama is using private business to force through his socialist agenda.