Obama Reaching Across the Aisle Again (to Bash Republicans)



At a campaign fundraiser in D.C. on Monday, Barack showed himself to be the great uniter, unfortunately, it was only to unite campaign donors by demonizing Republicans with his ad hominem attacks. Can we really take four more years of this? Thank you CNS News for your near-religious coverage of these looney speeches.

What amazes me is that people really fall for this and think it’s good to divide the country with this hate speech – amazing!

Obama said Republicans think the only way America can compete is to race to the bottom with low wages and pollution like China, therefore, Republicans are like Chinese communists who want everyone working in sweat shops –

“Republicans in Congress and these candidates, they think that the best way for America to compete for new jobs and businesses is to follow other countries in a race to the bottom,” Obama told a room full of Democratic donors.

“They figure, well, China pays low wages, we should pay low wages,” he continued. “Let’s roll back the minimum wage. Let’s prevent folks from organizing for collective bargaining in this country. Since other countries allow corporations to pollute as much as they want, why not get rid of the protections that ensure our air is clean and our water is clean.”

Obama said he does not want more regulations than necessary (which is a whole heck of a commie lot of them), but he wants “smart government.” Who doesn’t want a “smart government,” wow, I’m all in on that one.

Of course Obama hinted yet again that Republicans want dirty air and dirty water. 

Obama bragged about violating the constitution and ignoring the duly elected Congress.

“But I don’t believe a race to the bottom is one that we should be trying to win,” Obama said. “We should be trying to win the race to the top. We should be competing to make sure that we’ve got the best schools in the world, and our workers have the best training and skills in the world, and we’ve got a college education within reach of everybody who wants to go. That’s the race we should be trying to win.”

“Change is the decision we made to stop waiting for Congress to do something about our oil addiction and go ahead and finally raise fuel efficiency standards on cars, and now, by the next decade we are going to be driving cars that get 55 miles to a gallon,” Obama said. “And that is going to help our environment. That will help our economy. That’s going to help consumers.”

“But we can’t wait,” he later said. “Whenever this Congress refuses to act in a way that hurts our economy and puts our people at risk, I’ve got an obligation as president to do what we can without them. I’ve got an obligation to work on behalf of you and the American people. I’m not going to let members of Congress put party ideology ahead of the people that they were elected to serve – not when there’s this much at stake.” Read more: CNS News