Obama Recites the Gettysburg Address Inaccurately – Loser!



Mr. Obama looking in a mirror and seeing himself as God

What a loser!

President Obama inaccurately recited The Gettysburg Address on this the 150th anniversary for the Ken Burns, Learn the Address website. He omitted the phrase, ‘under God.’

How very secular of him.

He probably wants to upset conservatives, but who knows. A president who wants to unite people wouldn’t do this.

Whatever his reason, he paraphrased The Gettysburg Address instead of reciting it. History should not be changed at anyone’s whim.

Go to the Ken Burns website and you will see that every person uses the phrase ‘under God.’ Mr. Obama is the only one who did not use it. Allegedly, the keepers of the site asked him to recite it inaccurately but that is highly unlikely.

Mr. Obama politicizes everything.

Read more at The Daily Caller

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