Obama Reduced Our Dependence on Foreign Oil & I’m the Easter Bunny



In this 30 second ad, Obama justifies killing the Keystone XL pipeline and portrays himself as the clean energy President. As an added bonus, he gets to demonize entrepreneurial businessmen who earned their money and their success. It’s the height of propaganda, and it’s not true.


The President lauds the fact that we are importing less oil and it’s all thanks to him. We don’t need Keystone, we have Obama and his plan for America.

In his ad, Obama failed to mention that the main reason for our reduced reliance on foreign oil is because we are CONSUMING LESS. We are consuming less because we CAN’T AFFORD TO GO ANYWHERE and our economy is sinking further and further into the tank!!!

Thank you President Obama for impoverishing us. Four more years of this and we won’t be able to leave our homes and our reliance will be even less – wow, thanks, whoopee!!!

The President who claims to be a man of the people is the most political, divisive leader this country has known.

If you want to know why Keystone was killed, it wasn’t because it would eventually employ 300,000 people and it wasn’t because it would reduce our reliance on foreign oil, which is what it would have done. It was because Obama’s potential environmental loon donors were anti-Keystone. When his donors were polled, that was one of their biggest concerns.

Let’s not forget that the Koch brothers, who are the oil billionaires referenced at the beginning of this ad, are to Obama what Soros is to a conservative. Obama, the 1%er who luxuriates in splendor while the rest of us struggle, hates rich people who make their money on gas and oil. He loves rich people who donate to him and make their money on corrupt solar companies.

In this ad, Obama wasn’t exactly honest about his solar successes like Solyndra and the other 11 failed enterprises that devoured taxpayer dollars as they sunk into bankruptcy and finally, oblivion. Read here 12 failed Obama solar ventures and Solyndra dump

Obama really knows his clean energy when it comes to cars. Look at how he pushed the Volt. Oh, I forgot that’s a dirty car that couldn’t even meet California emissions standards.

Obama tries to portray himself as the ethics czar on this issue. The not-exactly-conservative politifact said the following –

…The Obama ad that quickly slips in claims that slickly appear to be the result of Obama’s policies, though the ad does not directly make that claim—a reference to 2.7 million clean-energy jobs, a note that for the first time in 13 years foreign oil imports are below 50 percent.

Those figures are correct, but they are also not tethered to anything Obama has done. The report that mentioned the 2.7 million jobs simply said that is how many potentially exist. Meanwhile, the Energy Department cited a host of reasons why foreign oil imports have declined, noting the main reason was “a significant contraction in consumption” because of the poor economy and changes in efficiency that began “two years before the 2008 crisis”—ie, before Obama took office.

Then, in bold type, the ad proclaims: President Obama “kept a campaign promise to toughen ethics rules” and it cites: “PolitiFact, 1/21/09.”

Politifact did write that on Jan. 21, 2009, but then it almost immediately changed its ruling as Obama began granting waivers to his ethics policy. (Editor’s Note: Obama LIED!!!)

Just two days later, on Jan. 23, Politifact moved its ruling to “compromise” when Obama gave a waiver to William J. Lynn III, the nominee for deputy defense secretary. By March 17, PolitiFact called it a “promise broken” because so many waivers had been granted.

“After examining the administration’s actions for the past two months, we have concluded that Obama has broken this promise,” Politifact said. In fact, this is listed as one of the “top promises” that he has broken…