Obama Releases More Terrorists Who Could Kill Our Soldiers


Legal Insurrection

Branco Cartoon via Legal Insurrection

Barack Obama is releasing dangerous terrorists from GITMO to countries that will let them go. The only reason he is doing it is to close GITMO. He doesn’t care about the common good or the security of our nation. What matters is his mission which is to turn us into a socialist Utopia.

It’s the reason he has opened our borders to anyone who wants to come through. The American people no longer decide who immigrates to the United States. Barack Obama decides.

We are becoming desenstized to the horror of this.

The most infuriating thing of it is that our soldiers died, were injured, and risked their lives to capture these terrorists who will go out and put our soldiers and other innocents in peril.

Thirty percent of GITMO prisoners return to the battlefield but that figure will go much higher because he is freeing the worst of the worst.

The terrorists being released present a moderate risk or a high risk to our country. One of them was caught with nuclear material.

They are all Al-Qaeda. They could have been tried but that wouldn’t have suited his purposes.

The Military Times recently wrote that the effect of Obama’s changes in the military – in the Pentagon- will have lasting effects. He will be felt for decades to come.


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