Obama Rewards Iran With Boeing Jets, Technology


Barack Obama greenlighted the sale of 80 Boeing jets with their technology to Iran for $16.6 billion. Greed and ideology trump common sense and morality.

If Donald Trump kills the Iran deal, this sale might go down with it though General Mattis said it might not be possible to kill the deal. Last week, Donald Trump hit Boeing for the $4 billion dollar price for two Air Force One jets but this situation is far worse.

Boeing is trying to make this appealing by saying it will mean 100,000 jobs. It puts Trump in a bad position but do Americans really want jobs supplying planes for terrorists?

These Boeing planes will ferry Iranian military and terrorists around the world to terrorize. Iran Air is continually sanctioned by the Treasury Department for moving terrorists and weapons with their planes.

Iran Air transports arms and terrorists to the Assad regime that has caused the deaths of nearly a half million people.

What did Iran do to earn this reward? A lot.

Iran abducted another hostage in June, the fourth at the time.

Iran launched another round of ballistic missile tests in the summer. The launches are inconsistent with United Nations Security Council resolution 2231 according to the Obama administration and according to U.N. Secretary General Ban [d][e].

Iran is harboring at least three senior al Qaeda terrorists, including one who was working directly with Iranian officials, according to the Treasury Department.

Iran imported the physical missiles for their advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system:The Iran-Iraq Nonproliferation Act prohibits the transfer of destabilizing offensive or defensive weapons to Iran and obligates the President to impose sanctions if such transfers occur.

Iranian FM Zarif bragged that Iran rolled U.S. diplomats to get a secret side agreement on advanced centrifuges, calling it a “matter of pride” . The previously secret side deal, which was revealed the AP, allows Iran to cut its breakout time back to six months after a decade.

Iran put a commander of its Basij militia on Israel’s border with Syria then published pictures of it.

The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization was instructed to create a plan for restarting shuttered nuclear facilities, according to Iranian parliament leader Larijani.

Iran has revealed that they are using textbooks praising the murder of Israelis and Jews.

With that, Obama decided to reward them.