Obama Said Putin Is “Very Smart”, Must Be a Traitor

file photo of Obama telling Medvedev he'd have "more flexibility after the election".
file photo of Obama telling President Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility after the election”.

Donald Trump is being described as “nearly traitorous” on social media for tweeting that Putin is “very smart” in his handling of the Obama sanctions. The sanctions are based on flimsy evidence of Russian hacking of the U.S. election. There were different rules for Barack Obama. When he complimented Putin and tried to establish a relationship with him, he was praised for it.

The hypocrisy of the left is mind-blowing.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton tried to reset relations with Russia and they were very positive about Russia at the time. Obama described Putin as “very smart”. He was, according to Obama, a Prime Minister who was doing an “extraordinary job”.

Hillary Clinton bragged of resetting relations with Russia. She boasted about presenting an alleged united front with Russia on a nuclear Iran.

The unity and the reset by the Obama administration were soon to become an unrealized vision.

In this first video, President Obama says Putin is “very smart”. If Trump is a traitor for saying Putin is smart, Obama must be too.

Listen to President Obama in 2009 say then-Prime Minister Putin was doing “extraordinary work”. Obama must be nearly traitorous for saying this since Trump is being described as nearly traitorous for his comment complimenting Putin in a tweet.

President Obama must be a traitor because he told Medvedev to let Putin know he’d have “more flexibility after his next election”.

Hillary tried to reset relations with a cheap plastic button imprinted with the wrong word that “they worked very hard” at getting “just right”. She should have been humiliated, having made a complete fool of herself and the United States, but she wasn’t. The plastic button idea was juvenile to begin with.

The leaked emails revealed that Hillary bragged about being invited into Putin’s “inner sanctum”. Hillary said she wanted a better relationship with Putin. I’m guessing she’s a traitor.