Obama Said to Send Carrier Pigeons



…His jobs speech out of the way, President Obama opened a road show Friday to sell his ideas to the public, urging voters to send a “carrier pigeon” to Congress if need be to build grass-roots momentum behind his $447 billion jobs package.

Speaking to a friendly crowd in the University of Richmond’s basketball arena, Obama stuck with a simple message. He called on lawmakers to “pass this bill,” a phrase he repeated throughout the 26-minute address. Obama imbued the speech with an energy that was conspicuously lacking during the prolonged debt ceiling negotiations over the summer, bringing the audience to its feet when ticking off reasons for passing the “American Jobs Act.”

“If you want construction workers on the work site, pass this bill,” said Obama, who removed his suit coat for the occasion. “If you want teachers in the classroom, pass this bill. If you want small-business owners to hire new people, pass this bill.” Read here: Send a carrier pigeon dot com