Obama Sanctions Strike The Fear Of God in Putin


The title of this article relies heavily on sarcasm. Mr. Obama slapped more useless sanctions on Russia the day before Russian Separatists shot down MH17. Mr. Obama is going after oligarchs and some Russian companies to stop a man who has a long-term vision of rebuilding the Czar’s empire. One of the companies affected is the maker of the AK-47.

Obama’s actions are like Putin going after the Brighton Beach National Bank of Brooklyn and expecting a U.S. surrender. Oh, wait, we are talking about Obama here, maybe he would.  There are Russian-speaking people in Brighton Beach who need their heritage protected.

Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga

One of the companies Obama banned is the Russian gun company, Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga). They are an arms manufacturer that makes rifles and shotguns including the AK-47, one of the guns targeted by Democrats for extinction.

The ban comes under Executive Order 13662.

Americans who own a Kalashnikov Concern product, like an AK-47, that was “bought and fully paid for prior to the date of designation (i.e., no payment remains due to Kalashnikov Concern), then that product is not blocked and OFAC sanctions would not prohibit the U.S. person from keeping or selling the product in the secondary market, so long as Kalashnikov Concern has no interest in the transaction,” according to the Treasury Department.

It’s not likely Obama is looking to specifically ban the AK-47, that’s just a bonus. The price of AKs might rise but other countries do make them.

Obama could claim that the other countries do business with Izhmash whether they do or not. We’ll have to see how that goes.

He’s not doing a great job of teaching Russia a lesson unless you think this will get Putin, who sees himself as a Czar, to give back the Crimea and abandon Ukraine.

The sanctions in conjunction with the restoration of the Eastern European Missile Defense System would work.

Meanwhile a U.S. power plant in New Hampshire is so desperate to replenish their supplies that they have turned to Russia for coal shipments, those aren’t banned yet.