Obama Says Border Crisis Isn’t Theater, He’s Not Interested In Photo-Ops



confused obama

No matter what speech President Obama gives, it has to be divisive, and this evening’s speech was no different. In tonight’s rambling speech, which was intended to address the border crisis, he again cast the blame on Republicans for not passing an amnesty bill – that would be the Senate bill that did nothing to close the border. His message this evening was that he is not to blame – it’s those damn Republicans. It’s not theater, he groused.

He’s not interested in photo-ops, he declared, and there’s some truth to that. He doesn’t want any photo-ops on the border.

President Obama claimed – falsely – that his administration deports more illegals than ever; he said we are catching more than ever (Those are the people who ask agents to capture them. They are the same people he’s releasing into our neighborhoods); he talked about some long-term resolutions which don’t address the porous border; he alerted congress that they have an opportunity to help by giving him $3.7 billion to care for the immigrants; and they must pass an amnesty bill (a bill that won’t do anything to close the border).

He referred to a meeting he had with Governor Perry this afternoon who said he wants more border agents on the border. Obama’s response to that was that if congress passes the supplemental for $3.7 billion, he can use some of the money for that.

His words of wisdom to Perry were that we need are more administrative judges, lawyers and detention centers – bigger government in other words.

He apparently has philosophical objections to something Perry said, but he didn’t say what that was. We can find out by tuning in to Hannity this evening. Governor Perry will be on to talk about the meeting.

Is congress prepared to act, Obama wondered aloud. One might ask in return, Is he?

He made the surge in illegal immigration about compassion, adding that we have to make sure the illegal immigrants can live in their own countries safely. With that theme in mind, he said he’s going to give more of our hard-earned money to the corrupt governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The U.N. wants us to declare all these illegals “refugees.” They’d love it if we let all these people come here illegally and then took care of them. We are $17 trillion in debt and by the time Obama is out of office, we will be $20 trillion in debt. We can’t afford this.

The best comment of the evening was This isn’t theatre. I’m not interested in photo-ops. I want to fix issues. Meanwhile, all he did yesterday in Denver was pose for photo-ops in a bar and on the street.

The photo below – which was taken in Denver last night-  is a photo-op?


How about this next photo? Isn’t this a photo-op?

obama greets man in horse head mask

Obama won’t go to the border for a photo-op because he doesn’t want to be photographed on the border or in a shelter.

Obama wants his “Republican friends” to negotiate while making it clear he won’t negotiate – it’s his way or the highway. He likes to accuse the opponents of not negotiating.

Remember this?

He’d consider sending the National Guard as Governor Perry requested, he claimed, but he left that vague. It’s not a permanent solution he says but so what? Just do it.

The supplemental bill, if not passed, will be the result of partisan politics and it will be the reason he doesn’t solve the problem on the border, he suggested.

He has no clear plan to close the border with the money though he said some of the money will be used to put more guards on the border. That will require some level of trust because he is not going to make a commitment of any kind.

The supplemental bill would set aside $80,000 for each illegal and there is little evidence he’d close the border. The money will be used to make them comfortable.

He wants an amnesty bill while the border is in crisis.