Obama Says GOP & Dems Per Se Are to Blame for Solyndra – Is This A Lie Per Se?


Obama won’t even take the blame for Solyndra which is obviously his debacle. He is blaming Bush, the GOP and Democrats who decided, blah, blah, blah…

Here is one quote disavowing any responsibility –

ABC News (that’s a joke): “Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn’t gone bankrupt,” Obama said. “But understand: This was not our program per se.”

“Congress — Democrats and Republicans — put together a loan guarantee program because they understood historically that when you get new industries, it’s easy to raise money for start-ups, but if you want to take them to scale, oftentimes there’s a lot of risk involved, and what the loan guarantee program was designed to do was to help start up companies get to scale,” he said.

In other words, Obama is distancing himself and claiming that some alternative energy companies will fail and that is to be expected, as if none of the scandal were attached to it. Talk about spin!!!

Solyndra built a state of the art plant, fully equipped with robots that sang Disney tunes and had spa showers. They bought solar panels for $12 and had to sell them for $3 – who in their right mind does things like that, expecting it to work?

Obviously, they were doomed from the start, so what did the Obama administration do? They restructured the loan almost immediately after the plant opened, knowing they were propping up a failing enterprise. Disgustingly, this restructuring  put the taxpayers behind Obama’s investor friends – nice, huh? But it’s not Obama’s fault, no sir, somehow it is Bush’s fault.

It is easy for Obama to spin because he has the lamestream media to lie and conceal the facts for him.

This is more truth:-Bush set aside a billion dollars for alternative energy before he left office. He did NOT approve Solyndra and left it for the next administration to decide. Obama not only approved Solyndra, he gave them additional funds and did a photo op with them as they were going down.

By the way, has anyone heard anything about the investigation into Solyndra and their use of our money.?

Don’t forget the Solyndra asked for funds when they knew they were imploding – what did that grant look like? It had to have been replete with lies. Read more: The White House knew all about Solyndra

Well at least Obama’s energy plan is successful and our gas prices reflect that!