Obama Says His Problem Is Getting People to See How Great His Ideas Are


Mr. Obama believes the election results are because “people see Washington gridlock” and “they know one person in Washington and that’s the president of the United States”.

The stupid Americans only know one person in Washington.

He must watch ‘Waters World’ on the Bill O’Reilly show. Waters interviews the man on the street and repeatedly discovers they don’t even know who the Vice President is.

Mr. Obama was interviewed by CBS’ Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation Sunday and a stunning interview it was. Prior to the election, Mr. Obama said the election would be a referendum on his policies.

Now that people have responded by turning the Senate over to Republicans and adding Republican House seats, he says it was a referendum on Republican gridlock and his inability to convince people how great his policies actually are.

He also believes it is in no small part due to the press leaving before he has completed his successful ventures.

Mr. Obama plans to put more boots on the ground in Iraq without saying there are boots on the ground; his commanders came up with the plan – not him; he’s not really responsible for the election results though he knows he has to better communicate how great his ideas are; and he’s continuing down the same dangerous path with illegal immigration and Iran.

delusional Obama

Obama began his interview by saying, “Let’s be clear”, the words that for Obama mean he’s going to twist the truth again.

The first topic was ISIL [ISIS]. Mr. Obama claims that his efforts in Iraq are successful and that is why he’s moving to the next phase of sending 1500 soldiers to Iraq as “advisors”.

They won’t be fighting but they have boots, they are on the ground, they are armed, and they are in harm’s way.

He said the plan was presented by commanders. That way, HE’S NOT RESPONSIBLE.”

Schieffer asked Obama if it was his fault. In a remote and distant way, he took responsibility but the best was the message he took away from the election.

He said people want to see this city work and it’s not working. He then said he created ten million jobs which merely reaches slightly above the level they reached shortly before he took office but he failed to mention that.

He boasted that the unemployment rate has gone down so fast he was surprised.

It’s been six years! The jobs are part-time!

It’s not his fault he concluded. People see Washington gridlock and “they know one person in Washington and that’s the president of the United States” so he has to make the city work better for them.

The “city”? Not the country?

Mr. Obama loves the job. He said “if your name is Barack Hussein Obama, you have to love politics”.

He’s always the victim.

Then he got down to the nitty-gritty. He loves campaigning and talking to people on the trail, governance not so much because people aren’t getting how great his ideas are so his one fault is he has to communicate better.

He feels that in terms of governance, he’s gotten the policy right but “it’s not enough to build a better mousetrap”. He has “to sell it, reach out to the other side, and where possible persuade.” “There are times where there’s no doubt about it we have not been successful in going out there and letting people know what it is that we are trying to do and why it is the right direction.”

Seventy-Seven percent of the American people think we are headed in the wrong direction and he thinks they’re just stupid.

One problem with his administration is “the opposition are stubborn”, he said.

As for immigration, he thinks everybody agrees the system needs to be fixed.

Really? It isn’t that Mr. Obama needs to follow the law?

He talked about the senate bill, which is greatly lacking, and explained why he needs to legalize millions of illegals illegally.

Mr. Obama claimed he has legal authority which he doesn’t. Then he lied about problems of deportation and illegal immigration which he has engendered and said the pen and phone approach will take care of that.

He is the one allowing massive illegal immigration and he is the one who has refused to deport criminals and other illegals. He has released hundreds of thousands of criminal illegals onto our streets and into our neighborhoods to make this point. Our safety is meaningless to him.

He wouldn’t talk about his evil communications with Iran.

He lied and said he wants to make sure Iran does not get the bomb but he didn’t explain that his negotiations allow them to be a threshold nuclear power. He lied about Iran’s cooperation in destroying nuclear material and he said – falsely – that the West would have an airtight ability to make sure that they won’t get the bomb.

In terms of ISIL, he said there is no coordination with Iran, just “deconflicting”.

He said that when he came into office, things were worse. It’s just his speed compared to the press cycle. He’s effective but when he solves the problems (most of which he creates), the press has gone away.

Does it feel like things are better? Would the word “delusional” fit?

Mr. Obama, the man who seeks revenge on anyone who criticizes him, tells his “team not to worry about things being said, or we’re getting picked on” (it’s never that they are wrong), he said “that is all irrelevant”. “What is relevant is we have a chance to help that person every single day and we do. Sometimes you’re going to get fanfare for it and sometimes you’re not.”

The man who is destroying the middle class wants to “squeeze out every chance to do good.”

The man who will not negotiate or compromise with Republicans and who has given crony capitalism a new name, said the following.

When asked if he was going to do anything different, he said, “you’ll see a constant effort to improve the ways we deliver services to customers, experimenting with ways that I can reach out to Republicans more effectively, making sure that we’re reaching out and using the private sector more effectively, one of the things we’re learning is there’s a real power being able to convene here in the White House.”

Perhaps that’s a reference to Friday’s meeting that ended with his giving the attendees a six-pack of beer.

It’s only a communication problem. We the People are really We the Dopes.

He said he’s very proud of giving people jobs and healthcare.

Whenever he speaks, Americans can count on hearing a pack of lies but they make good soundbites for the low-information voter.