Obama Says It’s Okay to Kill Bald and Golden Eagles


Eagles are the collateral damage of the wind farm industry.

The Obama Administration has issued a new rule, or fiat if you will, that will allow some Obama-favored companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for the next thirty years.

The rule is classified as an administrative change so there is no oversight by anyone.

Obama wants to spur development in the corrupt green energy sector at the expense of the National symbol, which is supposedly a protected species.

The wind energy industry itself asked for the change. They will try to not kill the birds.

The permits will be reviewed every five years. The wind industry wants to be free from threat of lawsuits.

“Instead of balancing the need for conservation and renewable energy, Interior wrote the wind industry a blank check,” said Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold in a statement. The group said it will challenge the decision.

The same government wants lead bullets banned because they might hurt vultures, but they say it is okay to kill eagles.

The same government that demonizes oil and gas if one feather on a bird’s head is hurt by their product thinks it is okay to kill eagles.


The Mississippi Gopher Frog is reason enough for the EPA to steal private property or ban owners from building on their own property but eagles don’t count.

Let’s not forget the Skyrocket Pagosa which stopped the Keystone Pipeline.

In 2011, a Maine man was given a year in jail for killing a bald eagle. You can read about that on this link. Two Florida men were imprisoned for killing an eagle. In 2007, two men accidentally killed bald eagles but were convicted, fined and put on probation. If only these men owned a windmill, they could have killed them with the government’s permission.

The push for clean energy supersedes everything. When ethanol was touted as a way to save the environment, everyone was on board. As it now turns out, we know that it is not that clean and it’s negatives far outweigh any advantage. Will wind energy be the same one day?

Read about wind farm money blinding unsuspecting land owners on this link.

Obviously, I am making a point about hypocrisy.

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