Mr. Obama: We Don’t Have a Muslim Problem – Blames Europe for Theirs


h/t Robert Howard

Mr. Obama and the media are trying to convince Americans that Europe has a Muslim problem because Europe is not giving them jobs and opportunities, but we don’t have that problem in this country so they assimilate. There’s some truth to that and a lot of mistruth.

Consider the Islamist extremist problem in only the last couple weeks. They are obviously not assimilated Muslim-Americans.

A man named Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed was shot dead on January 7th in a Columbus Ohio airport, the Daily Mail reported. He had knives taped to his legs and was believed to have been plotting to hijack a plane according to police.


The perp and wannabe terrorist pictured above had knives, a gas mask, other masks, computers, cameras and cell phones. He had knives taped to his legs and tried to buy a plane ticket with a woman’s ID.

The man was shot dead when he went at officers with a knife. He was mentally ill but that is the type of person these jihadists court. Let’s face it, most of these jihadists have mental illnesses, troubled pasts or they’re sociopathic.

There is another case in Boulder in which two men beat a Jewish man for not removing his yarmulke. Bryan Jamsheed Tayefeh, 29, was arrested Dec. 19 and charged with second-degree assault and bias-motivated crime. They are most likely Muslim.

In Oregon, a teen threatened to blow up a deli in the name of Allah.

He wasn’t able to buy a single cigarette and said he would blow up the store “in the name of Allah,” court records say.


Abdalah Mohamed (photo above) is also accused of making disparaging remarks about Jews and Israel in July, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

By now, everyone knows about the 20-year old in Ohio, Christopher Lee Cornell, pictured below, who planned to go to DC and blow up or shoot people around the Capitol.

Christopher Lee Cornell

In Miami, two Pakistani-American brothers tried to kill US Marshals during a jailbreak. The charges against them are providing material support to Al Qaeda.

24BF3D2A00000578-2913778-Raees_Alam_Qazi-m-5_1421434589550 24BF3D3000000578-2913778-Sheheryar_Alam_Qazi-a-6_1421434610871

Sheheryar Alam Qazi, left, and brother Raees Alam Qazi struggled as they allegedly tried to use ‘potentially lethal force’ in the courtroom.

One of the brothers was allegedly planning to plant a bomb in New York City and both were indicted in late 2012.

Now listen to a clip from Barack Obama’s press conference today. He insulted the Europeans, blamed them for the problems they have with Muslims because they don’t assimilate them. We, on the other hand, according to him, assimilate and integrate. He also told Europe that “they shouldn’t respond with a hammer, law enforcement, and military but the stronger the ties….to French values..opportunity…that’s going to over time solve the problem.”

Aside from the insult, is he right about how well we assimilate? All we have to do is give them jobs and they won’t blow us up?

We do have a lot of opportunities here that Europe doesn’t have, but if a Muslim wants to go to school and work hard, a Muslim can do well in Europe as they can here. Europe is not to blame and we are not in such wonderful shape as Mr. Obama would have you believe.

The media is trying to convince us – nudge us – that our Muslims are all integrated but that’s not true. The incidents I cited above happened in the last couple weeks and there are many more just like that.

The media doesn’t report “Muslim” crimes.

Listen to the clip:

Muslim-Americans have assimilated better than in other countries up until now but as we take in more and more from terrorist countries, and take in people with ties to terrorists as per Obama’s executive order, we are and will experience more problems.

We have the no-go zones in Islamberg and other towns that train jihadists.

Terrorists who fought with al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups have already returned to the U.S..

There are radical mosques. We have some communities in Dearborn and Minnesota to name only two that are exclusive to extremist Muslims and do implement a form of Sharia law.

We have a president who is making it difficult to assimilate people.

People who come here with four wives, who demean women, demand Sharia law are in direct conflict with our values and our laws yet Mr. Obama won’t stop taking them in. The PC crowd won’t stop catering to them.

A teen jihadist in the UK Shabazz Suleman said terror cells are ready to be activated in the UK, France and the US.

The World Tribune reported that on Jan. 9, Caliphate senior official Abu Saad al-Ansari claimed responsibility [for the Paris attack] in a sermon delivered during the Friday prayers in Mosul. He explained that the attacks in Paris were the first salvo in a major offensive against the West avenging the U.S.-led “transgression” — air strikes — against the Caliphate’s forces.

“We started with the France operation for which we take responsibility. Tomorrow will be in Britain, America and others,” Abu Saad al-Ansari stated. “This is a message to all countries participating in the [U.S.-led] coalition that has killed Islamic State members.”

This isn’t going to go well and people might want to listen very carefully to what Mr. Obama says and then research his claims because he is painting a far rosier picture than actually exists. He has left our borders open, making us very vulnerable.