Obama Seeking Wind Farm Developers in the Mass. Area….hmmm…

Bird Killing Wind Farm Pictured Above. Declining prices for wind turbines and slim margins over the next few years may make it harder for smaller, pure-play wind companies to compete, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


Do you know anyone out there who is looking to invest any of  their remaining fortune? In this weeks Wall Street Journal, I have found the “perfect” vehicle for your investment!

Obama’s Department of the Interior, announced this week, that it was taking the first steps in allowing WIND FARMS off the coast of Massachusetts!!  Wow – what a windfall (pun intended). Whoops! I mean “break”  for some “lucky” investor!

Think of the summers spent in Kennedy-land, gazing at your investment!  But, more importantly, think of the tax breaks! Think of the millions in federal “loans!” Think Salyndra! Think of the dollars you receive in Obama incentives! Think of the “jobs created and the jobs saved!”

You will be a hero on the Upper West Side! You will be invited to every Beverly Hills event! You will meet Michelle, Nancy and Harry and Barney!

A chance of a lifetime!

Dine with Barbara Streisand!
 Better act quickly!

But not so  fast! They, of course, would begin an immediate “environmental study”of the proposed leasing area!

But don’t worry! This type of project will probably take 2 hours instead of the 3 years it has taken so far, for the infamous Canadian-Texas pipeline!

For those of you interested, it is 826,000 acres south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island! The Interior Dept asks you to please inform them immediately of the exact location where you will be placing your turbines.

Only under this administration could this happen. Bring back sanity! 10 months until November.

P.S. Does anyone remember several years ago, when Teddy Kennedy stopped this project because it “ruined the views” from his estate?

[I wonder if they look beyond the big Obama donor list?}