Obama Seeks Russian Missile Deal While Knowing Russia Is Launching Banned Missiles



Russia launches medium-range missiles in violation of the US-Russia nuclear arms reduction treaty

Russia is violating the US-Russia nuclear arms treaty by firing medium-range missiles and we have known about it since at least last May and most likely, since 2008. Yet, Mr. Obama is still pleading with Mr. Putin to sign a new nuclear arms agreement. The reason is clear. Mr. Obama wants to disarm us.

Mr. Obama wants to cut our nuclear force by 80%:

In February 2013, the New York Times reported that Mr. Obama was seeking a new nuclear arms agreement with Russia. He wanted to avoid having it become a campaign issue and waited until after the election.

Mr. Obama planned to cut the arsenal to just above 1,000 while there were about 1,700. Russia regards this as a threat to their security. It would represent an 80% cut to our nuclear arsenal as Obama promised in 2009.

A White House official, who was involved in last year’s deliberations, said Mr. Obama “believes that we can make pretty radical reductions and save money without compromising American security. It sounds like Obamacare where we add 30 to 40 million to the healthcare system without it costing ‘even one more dime.’

Mr. Obama was willing, according to the NY Times, to reach an informal agreement with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for mutual cuts within the framework of the new Start — but without the need for ratification.

No ratification necessary!

In July, the Brookings Institute reported that Mr. Obama’s proposal is to have the United States and Russia reduce their long-range deployed nuclear weapons by roughly one-third, relative to levels under the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). In June, there had been a tentative agreement between Obama and Putin to sign the deal.

In September of last year, the NY Times reported that they failed to reach an agreement.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Russia had tested a new ground-launched cruise missile in violation of the 1987 treaty signed by President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail S. Gorbachev and have been doing so since 2008. In other words, we knew about Russia’s violations when we signed the 2011 treaty and even as we now beg for a new treaty.

Rose Gottemoeller, the State Department’s senior arms control official, has been raising the issue with the Russian government since May.

Mr. Obama wants deeper cuts to our nuclear armaments and continues to seek a deal to cut armaments while Russia is refusing to even discuss their treaty-violating testing.

Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, said. “There’s an ongoing review process, and we wouldn’t want to speculate or prejudge the outcome.”

No, we wouldn’t want to judge the obvious!

From the Times article: “‘If the Russian government has made a considered decision to field a prohibited system,’ Franklin C. Miller, a former defense official at the White House and the Pentagon, said, ‘then it is the strongest indication to date that they are not interested in pursuing any arms control, at least through the remainder of President Obama’s term.'”

The 1987 treaty banning the testing, production and possession of medium-range missiles was a major step toward curbing the American and Russian arms race. “The importance of this treaty transcends numbers,” Mr. Reagan said during the treaty signing, adding that it underscored the value of “greater openness in military programs and forces.” It has been updated  as SALT I and II, SORT, START I, II, III and New Start (proposed but not signed).

The problem is Russia is not abiding by the signed treaty yet Mr. Obama is banning and stopping production on our missiles and begging for a new treaty anyway.

According to the NY Times, Senator Jim Risch, Republican of Idaho, and 16 other Republican senators recently proposed legislation that would require the White House to report to Congress on what intelligence the United States has shared with NATO allies on suspected violations of the 1987 treaty.

Mr. Obama at the UN discusses New START: