Obama Sends US Troops to Help Egypt’s Fascists Control Citizens



Photo of Obama playing Mussolini

Investors.com reports that President Obama is deploying a riot-control unit from Fort Hood to Egypt to help the Muslim Brotherhood fight off its citizens who are protesting the regime’s human-rights violations.

Obama is sending 400 US Army soldiers to Egypt as part of a “peacekeeping mission.” They are specially trained to handle protests and riots.

Egyptians are becoming more-and-more disenchanted with the Fascists in power but our U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson has appealed for calm. “We oppose chaos,” she pleaded with protesters. “Chaos is a breeding ground for instability.”

This is reminiscent of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama intervention in Honduras. When the dictator wannabe in Honduras tried to repeal the Honduran Constitution, Clinton-Obama attempted to force Honduras into keeping the dictator when Honduras sent him packing.

The duo were more successful in Ecuador and sent an advance team into the country which followed up by electing a Socialist, Rafael Correa, as president. Ironically, Ecuador might give asylum to accused spy, Edward Snowden.

The US likes to support Socialists and Fascists and definitely doesn’t like democracies like the one in Honduras. The reason for this is that Obama seems to think Socialism is democracy.