Obama Sent Me Another Propaganda Email


Obama and energy

The president sent me another email. It was very informative. For instance, did you know that Sequester is closing research labs (I have been worried about any possible discontinuation of pond scum studies). Surprisingly, he thinks oil is evil. He wants us to “invest” more in green energy (code for more taxes to fund his friends in the green industry).

We can’t run our country unless we borrow 46 cents on every dollar! After all, doesn’t everyone run their household that way?

The email has an absurd propaganda-graphic demonizing oil.

The president has deluded himself into believing that cars like the Volt are a big success.

The answer lies in biofuels, natural gas, and electric (but he’s closing all the coal plants). He failed to mention solar! I wonder why? Remember when we invested in Solyndra, a company that paid $12 per solar panel and then sold them for $3 a panel?

If his ideas are so great, why haven’t they worked in the last four years? I wish we would just build the pipeline already. Even Max Baucus is saying it’s a no-brainer.

The best thing about the president’s message is that these investments won’t cost us a dime!

He wanted me to share this propaganda so I will:


How we shift America off oil

America’s auto industry is in the midst of a change for the better. Right now, car dealers are offering customers twice as many hybrids as they were five years ago and seven times as many cars that can go 40 miles or more on a gallon of gas. Last year, General Motors sold more hybrid cars than ever before and Ford is working hard to keep up with demand for its fuel-efficient vehicles.

That trend is a key example of how innovation helps to drive business success — and creates jobs for the middle class in America. But it’s one thing to make a car more fuel efficient. It’s another thing altogether to move cars and trucks off oil entirely.


Infographic: The Energy Security Trust


At a time when the sequester is forcing laboratories and science facilities across the country to scale back on their work, we need to keep investing in research.

Because if we can meet this goal, the benefits are clear. We’ll help diminish the burden of spiking gas prices. We’ll reduce our reliance on foreign oil. And most importantly, the kind of technological breakthroughs the Energy Security Trust will work to produce won’t just create jobs — they could create whole new industries.

So if you think the Energy Security Trust is a good idea, will you share this graphic?