Obama Snubs Lech Walesa Because He Is “Too Political”

Lech Walesa

One of the recipients of this year’s Presidential Medal of Freedom was Jan Karski, who is deceased. He was a member of the Polish underground during WW II and was the first to provide eyewitness accounts of the Nazi extermination of Jews. He sneaked into a German death camp in Warsaw and then made it to London and Washington to plead for Western leaders to save the Jews.

The Poles, who were thrilled with the choice, asked that Lech Walesa, another great freedom fighter, receive the medal on Karski’s behalf.

Allegedly, Lech Walesa chose not to attend a gathering in Poland last year in which Obama would be the guest of honor because he allegedly felt he deserved a one-on-one meeting [I don’t know if I believe that].

The White House might be holding a grudge because they said no to Walesa accepting the medal in Karski’s name because he (Obama) claimed that Walesa was too “political.”

I guess the radical socialist, Dolores Huerta, wasn’t too political since he awarded her one of those Medals of Freedom. The twisted thinking of the WH is mind-numbing.

Then, during the presentation of the medal to Karski’s stand-in, Obama made an error which re-opened the wound insofar as the Poles were concerned. Obama said, Karski was “smuggled into . . . a Polish death camp to see for himself” that Jews were being murdered. Mr. Obama corrected himself and said it was a Nazi camp.

Obama’s decision and his faux pas did not go over well with the Poles and whatever good will he earned by awarding the medal to a great man was probably lost.

I can’t get over the fact that he said Walesa was too political but he doesn’t think Huerta is.

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