Obama Spring…And Dreading Summer

Do A Little Sidestep, Sidestep

President Obama was recently rated the 15th best President by leading Presidential scholars throughout the nation because of his intelligence, imagination, and speaking abilities. Siena College Poll

According to these pollsters, accomplishments propel Presidents into the top 10. Here are some of this Administration’s accomplishments.

  • U.S. Dollar continues to decline & it’s the worst U.S. economic recovery since WWII, but the President says he saved us from a great depression
  • The Stock Market is built on a devalued dollar and fake money because of QE1 & QE2 (Bernanke printed money without backing and then bought stock with it)
  • Job growth is anemic at 54,000 a month, unemployment is 9.1% – underemployed is 19.0%
  • We are running another 1.6 trillion dollar deficit this year, third year of trillion dollar deficits
  • Moodys is threatening to lower the U.S. bond rating
  • The Stimulus is a failure
  • Lost $14 billion in car company bailouts
  • Gas prices hovering around $3.80 a gallon
  • Osama is dead, drones are effective, but we started another war in Libya with UN permission but without Congressional permission, ceding U.S. sovereignty
  • Doubled aid to Egypt and Tunisia and forgave a billion dollars in debt to Egypt even though we don’t know if it will be taken over by Al Qaeda
  • Obama tells Netanyahu to go back to borders that put much of the population/settlements beyond Israel’s current borders. This  further weakened the peace process
  • Healthcare waivers are still pouring in. Some people love their socialized healthcare, but it means everyone who works will pay for everyone’s every medical everything – no room for abuse there I’m sure
  • 4000 new regulations against business in the pipeline as we speak (in 2010, we churned out 81,405 Federal rules for businesses – that costs businesses money which are then passed down to the consumer)
  • 7000 patents can’t get out of the bureaucratic red tape
  • Naked body scans and invasive body searches at airports
  • U.S. sues its own states when they try to enforce immigration laws
  • NASA is a space program without a space ship
  • Food stamp recipients have nearly doubled, as has all welfare
  • 47% of the nation pays zero taxes. Those of us in the top 53% are the rich who need to pay their fair share.