Obama: Stop Overinflating Importance of Terror Groups As If They’re an Existential Threat



Barack Obama wants us to stop over-inflating the threat of ISIS and other terror groups. I’m serious, that’s what he said. Specifically, he told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: “We should stop ‘over inflating’ the importance of terror groups as if ‘They are an existential threat’ to the United States.”


In fact, terror groups are an existential threat to the United States.

Forgetting 9-11, some are not an immediate threat to the homeland but they have already beheaded Americans and they’ve done so on our own soil, most are an immediate threat to our interests abroad, our military, our tourists, journalists, care workers, embassy workers and other diplomats, and so on.

I guess they don’t count, at least not to him.

Unless they can blow us all up with a bomb, they’re not an existential threat.

I must say, if not terror groups, Obama’s $4 trillion budget is an existential threat.

It’s the most bizarre thing he has said for a week or more.

Terrorists aren’t terrorists. Terror attacks aren’t terror attacks. Radical Islam doesn’t exist and they have nothing to do with Islam.

Climate changing is the real threat and the real war. The Tea Party are the real terrorists.

Netanyahu slapped him in the face but the Ayatollah who rants ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ on a weekly basis didn’t.

The terror attack at Ft. Hood was workplace violence. Meanwhile Nadal Hassan is a hero to Al Qaeda. They feature him in their Inspire magazine almost every issue.

The illegal war in Libya was a kinetic military action. Oh, and thank God we got rid of Gaddafi so Libya can now exist as a rogue state with jihadists running amok everywhere.

Iran is a “tiny” country. Remember that one?

They just beheaded another man – Kenji Goto of Japan. What have the Japanese ever done to these terrorists? I thought they only go after us because we fought the war overseas instead of on the homeland.

They are planning to behead a Jordanian pilot and the Jordanians want their King to drop out of the coalition which is making a half-hearted attempt to fight ISIS.

Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time. We will be fighting terrorists over here, especially now that we have open borders.

Barack said that we are doing everything we can to fight ISIS while we are in fact doing the minimum. He’s not telling the truth. He has no intention of defeating ISIS. He’s running a weak maintenance program.

Barack Obama is clueless.

Source: RealClearPolitics