Obama Strikes a Very Different Tone When Criticizing the Enemy


crazy obama

Check out how low key he is when talking about the Orlando terror attack. Even using the word “outrage” sounds banal and dull coming from him when he’s talking about ISIS. He won’t even admit it’s radical Islamic terrorism and he pretended he didn’t know the terrorists’ motives. He offered condolences to the mayor of Orlando, who is a Democrat, but ignored the Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General.

Even the way he says “heartbreaking” sounds dull. He was more interested in talking about the club being a place where LGBTs can dialogue and fight for their civil rights when in fact, they were people out having fun on Latin night – many were Hispanics. Obama is a liar. He immediately politicized it with LGBT pontificating and anti-gun nonsense. He lied about saying we are at war with a religion.

As he rails against Donald Trump and Republicans allegedly “politicizing” the attack, he politicizes the attack. He is blaming Republicans. Cowardly Republicans who won’t stand up to this need to be voted out.

He was infuriated with Donald Trump and the Republicans. He is also pretending he is fighting ISIS.

Check out his angry, vicious tone as he talks about other Americans who don’t agree with his political views. Watch as he throws around red herrings.

What do you think about Rush said.