Obama Strikes Again – Illegal Terminations of Air Force Majors



The Obama administration will cut the budget on the backs of the military. The Obama administration wants the military cut and that has resulted in the firing of 157 Majors who are close to retirement. This is according to the Chapman University of Military Law and its associated AMVETS Legal Clinic.

“The Obama administration has ordered massive reductions in forces, resulting in many officers who are near retirement being involuntarily separated without retirement or medical benefits,” explained institute director Maj. Kyndra Rotunda.

The Department of Defense specifies that military within six years of retirement are retained so they can collect retirement pay and benefits, barring unusual circumstances such as disciplinary issues.

Lawyers at Chapman and the AMVETS Legal Clinic said the Air Force has deviated from the six-year protection “without any legal authority.” Daily Caller

The military receive little enough compensation for what they do.