Obama Strikes Down Keystone XL As He Strikes at Capitalism



Barack Obama is moving to destroy production of fossil fuels as soon as possible. John Kerry said this morning that the State Department would not recommend the building of the KeystoneXL Pipeline and this was followed by Barack Obama rejecting the pipeline after allegedly “studying” it for seven years.

The pipeline had already begun and the Canadian government put a great deal of resources and money into it. He dragged out his rejection for all these years with NO regard for their investment.

He is trying to destroy oil, gas and coal quickly just as he is trying to destroy Capitalism. He pretends that climate change is an immediate threat at the same time he pretends ISIS is being destroyed though we know for a fact that his Pentagon has fudged statistics.

The announcement was made the same day the Bureau of Truth announced a 5% unemployment rate. They didn’t announce, however, that 94.5 million Americans are out of work, according to CNS News. Nor did they mention job growth is very unspectacular.

The announcement is also a great distraction and a play to his leftist base.

There won’t be public pressure because gas prices are down, no thanks to him.

Obama said the tens of thousands of jobs were just temporary but so were the Stimulus jobs. Obama’s own State Department analysis showed the pipeline was safe.

His other argument that he’s filling the air with clean energy is a joke. This oil will still be burned but it won’t be transported as safely and it will end up going to a country like China. His so-called clean energy relies on “dirty” energy and exporting jobs to China.

We have many, many pipelines already. This is more symbolic than real and the symbolism is not good for our economy or our future as a Capitalist nation unless we are talking crony Capitalism/Socialism.


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