Obama Suggests You’re No Different Than Illegal Immigrants and Have the Same Rights



This is what Barack said at a town hall in DesMoines Monday in which he tries to erase the lines between citizens, illegal immigrants and immigrants. Only Native-Americans are from the United States.

“This whole anti-immigrant sentiment that’s out there in our politics right now is contrary to who we are. (Applause) Because unless you’re Native American, your family came from someplace else.

And although we are a nation of laws and we want people to follow the law, and I have been pushing Congress to make sure we have strong borders and we are keeping everybody moving through the legal processes.

Don’t pretend that somehow a hundred years ago the immigration was all smooth and strict — that’s not how it worked. There are a bunch of folks who came here from all over Europe, all throughout Asia, all throughout Central America, and certainly who came from Africa. It wasn’t some orderly process, that — where all the rules applied and all the rules were strict, and ‘I came the right way.’”


You are not an American unless you are a Native-American. You’re from somewhere else and you should have nothing to say about illegal immigrants flooding across the borders.

If you don’t want illegal immigration, you’re anti-immigrant (and a bigot, nativist, and xenophobe).

I am pretending I follow immigration law though I don’t and I’m blaming Congress because they won’t pass the awful Senate immigration bill.

All that needs to be done is for Congress to pass the bill I demand be passed.

A hundred years ago, there were no rules and people just came so no problem, we can do that now.

In conclusion, you’re all the same as the illegal immigrants, no difference, same rights for all, and I’m going to tell you who Americans are now.

He’s conflating legal immigrants with illegal immigrants. Barack Obama seems to be unaware that the Native-Americans also came from somewhere else and the tribes that were established when we came, had taken the land from other tribes, who took it from other tribes who took it from others.

He has a Marxist viewpoint about rights and land ownership.


  1. Sorry barry (pun intended) – but I can prove I was born in this country – can you, or perhaps more importantly WILL you? That makes me as much of a ‘native American’ as anyone else who was born here. Period. The impression that you attempted to make that people are only ‘natives’ if they have been here a certain number of years or decades or centuries is patently false. Even the most ‘tenured’ tribes came from somewhere else and frequently used violent means to take over the land they wanted. Any of us who were born here or came here LEGALLY have every right (and probably the responsibility) to opine regarding ILLEGAL immigration issues.

    • Kudos. Well said. Stating that 100 years ago immigrants came here the same way is total BS. Immigrants came to this country looking to work and earn their way There were NO freebees. This is an attempt by our muslim POTUS to disparage Americans and maybe erase a little more of our gallant history.

      • another point is that people came to America to be Americans. going through ellis island and registering, assimilating, altering their names to sound American, paying taxes, participating in the building of America and most importantly sworn fealty to America cutting all ties to where they were from and when called upon fight for America and its allies. none of this happens today, if it does it’s at such a small percentage it’s hardly measurable.

  2. Sorry, Barry, but as with the number of states that make up the United States (fifty seven, according to your ’08 gaf), “Native Americans” migrated from Asia. There are no Native people in the United States, including Alaska. But that won’t fit your accusation and perverted narrative.
    At your hands, this nation is being overrun by illegals, and by people, who, like those from whom we buy our oil and according to the anti-fossil fuel cabal, don’t really like us.

    Just today, the LA times had a headline stating that “Los Angeles is the northern capital of Latin America”. Where is that kind of talk coming from? I believe Moonbeam gov Brown essentially said come one, come all. That kind of talk from alleged American leaders doesn’t provide much comfort. And if there was ever an “alleged American” leader, it’s Obama. He demonstrates his absence of American roots and affection at every opportunity.

  3. Obama heart maybe in the right place, but he is wrong to draw a similarity between current illegal immigration and immigration of the last century or during Colonization of America. The biggest differences were there was a need for immigrants 100 years ago and earlier with opportunities for them with out displacing current residents. There was also a society and culture that encouraged/demanded that they adapt and assimilate without being a burden. Also, the idea that only American Indians have the right to being the legitimate residents is ridiculous. American Indians are not of one Nation or all the same, they are no different than the English, Spanish and French they came and settled took what they wanted fought each other for land and territory there were winners and losers.

  4. Well Obama where is your proof of American Citizenship? Or should we just call you Barry Sotrero the Indonesian Citizen. I am so tired of your blatant disregard of what the real citizens of this country want it makes me sick. Your a muslim and not even born in our country. Why can you not just admit it. Personally I don’t like you bringing in all these Muslims and knowing that at least 10% of them are nothing short of terrorists. I pray to God that your lies and deceptions will come to light and expose you for what you really are.

  5. Sorry to inform you, but my American heritage is that my great-great grandparents were born and raised on USA Soil. I myself was born in CA and raised in AZ. I am American from the top of my head to my toenails and right down to my red, white and blue underwear. I pay my taxes, i work hard for everything I own. I did not come to this country and steal, lie and cheat and neither did my parents, grandparents, great grand parents or great-great grandparents. I was taught American values, say thank you, yes sir, no sir, I was taught not to take what did not belong to me with out first asking permission. I went to church and read my bible, and believe every word of the bible. I was taught tolerance for others and to welcome newcomers. I accept immigrants from all corners of the world. Diversity and unison makes us great. But understand this… This is America, my house, my rules my law. I will not roll over and allow you to change it to suite your own needs. If you don’t like it here, then leave or don’t come in the first place, I will help you pack.

  6. um well if what Obama says is true in any way shape or form, he has no right to be President or imposing his will on everyone. By his own words he is not American and by most American point of views he does not Act American either……

  7. For obamas information. The immigrants that arrived here years ago went through Ellis Island were examined to make sure they were free of any decease had a sponsor and a job waiting for them. They did not come here to collect welfare and become a burden on our Country. They wanted a née life and worked hard to achieve it and become an American citizen.
    These illegals want freebie some will not those I applaud.
    The refugees need to be vetted closely.

  8. What else should we expect from someone raised in muslim countries by muslim father and muslim stepfather, with a socialist mother and communist grandparents and mentor.

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