Obama Takes a Stand on Harvesting Humans and McConnell Is a Hack


Mr Obama

Albino Africans are being brutally murdered and hacked up and their parts are either sold or used in spells. The witch doctors think they’re ghosts or evil spirits. Barack Obama was asked about it at the Young African Leaders Initiative summit in Washington D.C. on Monday.

While he didn’t give a humane response, he did criticize it as a racist attack though it’s actually a superstitious-religious attack. He called it a “foolish tradition” and said it was “the old ways of doing things”.

Hacking Albinos up is just a “foolish tradition” like the men in Benghazi were “bumps in the road” and terrorists are just upset about the workplace.

“When I was in Africa, I said, there are important traditions and folkways that need to be respected that’s part of who each culture is — each country is — but there’s also foolish traditions and old ways of doing business,” Obama said.

That’s more than the Planned Parenthood babies get. Planned Parenthood is responsible for the killing of fully developed babies, some of whom are ‘delivered”. They harvest the body parts and sell them. It’s evil. Planned Parenthood is a house of horrors and by giving them our tax money, we are complicit.


Mitch McConnell, whose wife sits on the board of the Bloomberg Foundation – a big Planned Parenthood donor – had originally refused to bring up the harvesting of baby body parts. He changed tactics when Sen. Ted Cruz brought it up on the Senate floor while calling him a liar over the funding of the Ex-Im bank.

McConnell was bragging about how the Senate is working despite Cruz and company on Thursday. He promises to not shut down the government over Planned Parenthood. Of course he did.

He will not use the power of Congress to defund anything, not Obamacare, illegal immigration, excessive spending and certainly not baby harvesting.

He said the Senate won’t be responsible for a government default.

Defunding the government does not cause a default. His statement was dishonest and parrots what Barack Obama said when the government shut down the last time.

He also said government shutdowns never work and that is also not true.

The previous government shutdowns beginning in the 70s helped Reagan protect the Trident Missile and slow spending and in the case of the Clinton-Gingrich shutdown in the 90s, welfare became workfare and it prompted Bill Clinton to say, “the era of Big Government is over.”

Shutting down the government agencies is a power given to Congress by the Founding Fathers as protection against power grabs by the Executive.

McConnell is a hack who won’t stand up for anything, our president doesn’t give a fig and thinks killing Albinos for parts is “foolish tradition” in what has to be the understatement of the week.


  1. McConnell is disgusting and an embarrassment to his state. All he cares about is the money supplied to him and his wife maintaining her Board position. Babies lives don’t matter to him. Shame

    • How I the hell does planed parent manage to donate/sponsor other organizations if they need tax dollars to murder babies and harvest their poor little bodies.

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