Obama Tells Iran That A Peaceful Nuclear Program Is Okay


It is North Korea all over again as Obama tells Khamanei, an Islamo-fascist, that he will allow Iran to develop a civilian nuclear program. This is how we let North Korea get the bomb. If this is the foreign policy we can expect when Obama is not that flexible, what can we expect in December if he wins re-election?

According to The Washington Post report, a verbal message was sent to Khamenei via Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erodogan and the message was that Obama would accept an Iranian civilian nuclear program as long as Khamenei promises to not pursue nuclear weapons. This move makes Obama look desperate.

Erodogan had met with Obama in Seoul a few days before. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an open mic to let us know the details.

This is being done at the same time that prominent Iranian lawmaker, Gholamreza Mesbahi Moghadam announced that Iran can easily produce the highly enriched uranium that is used to build atom bombs but of course they never would. That last statement is his personal view and does not reflect the views of the government.

The Ayotollah said he wants to use its nuclear program to generate electricity and produce radioisotopes to treat cancer patients. Ahmadinejad said that if they decide to build a nuclear weapon, they will do so openly.

That would not be their usual style.

Moghadam confirmed that they have the means to produce 90+% enrichment needed to build weapons-grade material.

Iran says it is enriching uranium to about 3.5 percent to produce nuclear fuel for its future reactors and also to around 20 percent to fuel a research reactor that produces medical isotopes to treat cancer treatment. Uranium has to be enriched to more than 90 percent to be used for a nuclear weapon.

The U.N. nuclear agency has also confirmed that centrifuges at the Fordo site near Iran’s holy city of Qom are churning out uranium enriched to 20 percent, and says uranium enriched to that level can more quickly be turned into weapons-grade material.

Moghadam, the lawmaker, said that Iran has the means to produce 90-plus percent enrichment. Of course, Obama will make them do a pinky swear to not do it.

Obama is still bowing and apologizing to our enemies and this latest show of weakness empowers fascists like Khamanei. Obama will get nothing in return as Khamanei continues building the bomb. Khamanei will gladly lie to Obama since Shari’ah law permits lying to Infidels.

Is Obama going to let the Iranians enrich uranium? We don’t know. He’s keeping that a secret.

Isn’t it amazing that he is doing all this behind closed doors? He is the transparent President, isn’t he? Has he run this by Congress?

When Obama seeks unconditional talks with Ahmadinejad, he is mocked in return. His actions are viewed by Iran as a sign of the decline of the West and the rise of Islam. Obama will not refer to Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism despite the evidence. The Obama policy of appeasement makes us appear to admit that we are the violators of rights. Ahmadinejad is viewed in Iran as highly successful in defeating The Great Satan.

Obama will let Iran get the bomb and, as North Korea prepares to test a rocket that could eventually reach the United States and which will fly over our ally, Japan, he will ignore it instead of taking the appropriate action, which would be to  shoot it out of the sky.

Obama wants to cut 80% of our nuclear armaments – it appears he is not about to use weapons, even in self-defense.

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