Obama Tells ISIS We Don’t Have a Strategy to Deal With Them Yet



Is it wise to tell the enemy that you have no clue as to how to deal with them? Obama sent that exact message to ISIS today during a press conference.

Obama gave a press conference Thursday afternoon in which he admitted “we don’t have a strategy yet” to deal with ISIS.

ISIS has been on the march for four years and, for the last year, Obama has been warning the Iraqi government about ISIS.

That gave him plenty of time to work out a strategy. It’s not rocket science. We have to bomb them where they live and bomb them into oblivion.

One liberal website called vox.com, which is in the business of providing him cover, said that he probably meant to say ‘there is not a good strategy available.’

Nice try vox! Ridiculous, but ‘A’ for effort.

Listen to Obama’s statement:

Fox News got advance notice of a new report out of West Point that explained ISIS is a very well-organized operation that has been carefully built over the last four years.

It is using a mergers and acquisitions approach to build its army of fighters, raking in fighters from various al-Qaida and other terrorists groups.

Obama’s administration has known about it for four years and they also know that the ISIS threat will continue after Obama’s term ends.

The report said that the “shattering” of Iraq’s security forces in June is a “case-in-point, the result of years of patient preparatory operations.”

Obama had four years to come up with a strategy but he was too busy with Obamacare, golf, fundraising, and blaming his opponents.

On Blaze TV, Dana Loesch interviewed Princeton University professor Robert George.

He warned Wednesday that IS(IS) will carry out “mass slaughter in the United States” if it is not soon “destroyed as a fighting force.”

“They have every intention of getting [to the United States], and these are people who achieve what they set out to achieve,” George said on The Glenn Beck Program with guest host Dana Loesch. “Unless somebody stops them, they make good on their threats. They have threatened to carry out activity in the United States — killing people, mass slaughter in the United States.”

“Believe me, I plead with you, I want your listeners to believe me — these people will do it if they can,” George continued. “And they will be able to do it unless we stop them.”

People who wonder mindlessly if ISIS is here or not should stop wondering. If they’re not, they can get here very quickly by plane or ship. They’re not coming from Mars. They can get here.

If these people – terrorists – and I include Iran – get a nuclear weapon, they will most definitely use it against us.

People think ISIS is an anomaly and bears little resemblance to the rest of the terrorists when in fact they only differ in a matter of degree. They really want to kill us and they can get into the United States, especially with our open borders. They have the money, the will, and the weapons.

They are also gaining quickly in strength and numbers because every terrorist wants to be part of the biggest and baddest terrorist on the block.

We are facing an enemy that wants to kill us and we have a president who has no clue by his own admission.

This latest comment by Mr. Obama beats out his announcing our departure date from Iraq and Afghanistan to the enemy and it almost beats out the absurd rules of engagement which get our military killed. Mr. Obama is constantly outdoing himself.

When your enemy comes at you with a loaded weapon, you don’t tell them you don’t know what to do but you will take it under review. Obama did exactly that today.