Obama, The World’s Greatest Spin-Doctor



Have you noticed that whatever happens under Obama’s watch is either a “Big Surprise” or a “Big Fat Lie”!! I’ve never seen anyone who could take terror attacks, corruption and dirty-deeds and make them sound like “No-Big-Deal”.

For example —

Fort Hood – work place violence;

Benghazi – a video;

Gitmo – because 5 Taliban terrorists  are reformed;

Obamacare – because healthcare is a tax errr.. I mean a right;

Open-borders – because America has a “broken” immigration policy;

$787 billion dollar bailout – because it created jobs at a cost of $4.1 million each;

Fast & Furious – because he supports gun control (of law-abiding citizens);

NSA – because no one can be trusted especially the American people;

IRS – because it is “MY” Government;

IRAQ – blame Bush:

VA waiting list–because death panels don’t exist

Solyndra – The only thing green about this company was the millions of taxpayers dollars thrown down the preverbal toilet;

GSA gone wild – because civil servant workers deserve a “night on the town” (to the tune of $823,000 in taxpayers’ money).

Surveilling the AP – because he believes in Freedom of the Press, (as long as they write in his favor).

Pen and Phone – who needs Congress, when you have ballpoint pen and a cellphone.

It’s been said that There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute, but millions of Americans are not fooled by Obama’s outlandish lies and his string of scandals! Many cheered and agreed when Congressman Joe Wilson spontaneously shouted out “Mr. President, you lie”.

Perhaps if he spent more time in the Oval Office and less time on the golf course, he could be a better-informed president instead of a pathological liar.